10 Easy Ways To Increases Your Sales During Holiday Season 2

10 Easy Ways To Increases Your Sales During Holiday Season

It’s the most shopped time of the year!

Make sure you are prepared with plenty of materials and a plan to sell more or you will miss out on new customers and sales.

10 Easy Ways To Increases

Your Sales During Holiday Season

10 Easy Ways To Increases Your Sales During Holiday Season1) Home Delivery.  Most people hate the hustle and bustle of shopping at a store during the holidays which makes shopping with you a better option. Chances are you personally deliver products or have a website that will ship them to your customers. Make sure you highlight that shopping with you means your customers get to spend more time relaxing instead of fighting the crowds at the mall. This is a huge selling point for your business.

2) Talk to More People.  Everyone is looking to buy gifts or special treats for themselves, so make sure you are talking to people when you are out and about.  Have extra materials and business cards on you at all times as you never know where your next customer will be.

3) Offer Holiday Specials. Some ideas for this are: Free gift with a large purchase, Free sample pack with an order, 20% discount on 1 item if they purchase over $50, or anything else you can think of (get creative). I like to give FREE gifts more than discounts.  That way they get to try a new product and if they like it, hopefully buy it again.

4) Ask Current Customers for Referrals. Don’t be pushy just simply ask: “Do you know anyone who might be interested in having their holiday gifts delivered right to their home?” I like to offer a Free Gift or 10% discount for the next order if a customer refers someone and it results in a sale.

10 Easy Ways To Increases Your Sales During Holiday Season5) Offer Free Gift Wrapping. This may not seem like a big deal but for some people, it is a huge time saver.  Also, who doesn’t love to see a beautifully wrapped gift under the tree? Lots of people want pretty gifts, but not many are willing to put in the extra work.  This is a great way to stand out from your competition.  I like to set a price limit of $25 to encourage bigger orders.

6) Offer to Be A Personal Shopper.  All you must do for this is get a list of people that your customer has to buy for, types of products that each person likes and a price limit.  Tell your customers you will pick out personalized gifts for everyone on their list and provide them with a hand-picked list of gifts for each person.

7) Host A Party. You can do a full-blown party if you have the time and the resources but if you don’t, you can have a pop-up party.  A pop-up party can be done anywhere (coffee shop, restaurant, or shopping mall food court).  All you need is some friends (even better your friend’s friends) and a few products.  Show off your products while sipping on coffee or hot chocolate! This also works well for office buildings.  Ask if you can set up a table in the break room for employees to shop on their lunch break.

8) Do A Facebook Live. Share your products and why they are great gifts.  Some of the simplest videos to do are unboxing videos.  This is literally where you take the items out of your shipment on camera and talk about what you think of them. If you have never done a Facebook live I suggest you watch a couple of successful ones first before jumping in.  Watch what they do and see how you can make that work for your business.  No matter what you do make sure you are being authentic to yourself.

10 Easy Ways To Increases Your Sales During Holiday Season9) Listen to People Around You.  Now more than ever people are talking about what to get other people for the holidays.  When you are out and about, keep your ears open for anyone who has a need that your product, service, or opportunity can help fill.

10) Be A Live Billboard for Your Products.  If you sell clothes, jewelry, makeup or anything else that can be put on your body do not leave the house without a product you sell on.  This way when you are out and about or at holiday parties, people can see the products first hand.  This gives you a perfect intro to talk about your products when someone compliments you on them.  This also works online as well.  Take pictures of yourself and post them on social media.  Do not use links in your post if you want people to ask you about the items you are wearing.  Putting links in your post turn it from a cute picture into an ad.

10 Easy Ways To Increases Your

Sales During Holiday Season

Sit down and plan what you are going to commit to doing and then add it to your holiday calendar.

Putting plans into actions and actions on a calendar is the key to accomplish your goals.

I would love to hear from you so drop me a comment and tell me: What do you do to increase your sales during the holiday season?

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