Business Facebook Group Tips

Facebook groups are an excellent way to build relationships and grow a community online.

However, building a successful Facebook group requires more than just opening a group and asking people to join.

In this simple guide, I will give you all the tips and tricks you need to facilitate a successful business Facebook group.

Successful Business Facebook Group Tips

Facebook Group Tip # 1: Have an active member incentive.

This can be as simple as having a monthly drawing for a prize for everyone who is active inside your Facebook group. An active member needs to be defined for your group, so they know what actions to perform. Three of the most popular types of actions are creating posts, liking others posts and commenting on posts. The more posts they post, comment on and like, the more chances they have to win. Then you would post the winner in your Facebook group and let the group know they are your active member monthly winner. As a bonus ask them to share a picture with the group when they receive their prize as this will inspire more people to be active so they can be rewarded.

Facebook Group Tip # 2: Always respond to other members’ comments.

When you respond personally to the comments in your groups your members will feel like you care and are more apt to comment in the future. Make sure to always comment on what they said with a positive celebratory response. As a teacher, I used to call this rewarding the behavior you want to encourage.

Facebook Group Tip # 3: Ask for comments.

This may seem like a no brainer but if you aren’t getting any comments in your group then they might not know you want their feedback. Always use a call to action on your post where you ask your members to share their thoughts.

Facebook Group Tip # 4: Don’t over-post.

Overposting could lead to members turning off notifications for your group which means they will not see all of your content. The ideal frequency of posts you create should be 1-2 posts per day.

Tips For Building A Successful Business Facebook Group

Facebook Group Tip # 5: Create good content.

It may take some time to figure out what content gets the most engagement for your group so be willing to try a few things to see what works for you. The most engaging content on Facebook is a combination of education and entertainment. If you can do both at the same time, then you should receive higher engagement in your group.

Facebook Group Tip # 6: Make sure your timing is correct.

Make sure that the timing of your posts is correct because incorrect timing will lessen the engagement. An easy way to find out if your timing is right is to play around with your posts and see what time slot works best for your group. Once you know the best time, you can schedule your posts accordingly.

Facebook Group Tip # 7: Ask Members to turn notifications on.

You want your members to get notified whenever a new post is added to your group and Facebook doesn’t do that automatically. The default setting on most groups is highlights so make sure your members know to change that to all.

Facebook Group Tip # 8: Define your group’s culture and create rules.

This should be in the form of a pinned post that clearly states the rules and culture of the group. Having this post will ensure that all members of the group follow the rules and their behavior will not harm the culture. Your group should be a place for others to share their thoughts but with limits decided as per the rules of the community.

Facebook Group Tip # 9: Use images as much as possible.

Posts with an image are more interacted with than post without images. So, when creating a post for your group, try to pick an image that will stand out in the Facebook crawl and get your members to pay attention.

12 Tips For Building A Successful Business Facebook Group

Facebook Group Tip # 10: Keep your group closed.

Contrary to popular belief, closed Facebook groups often foster more engagement than public groups. Group members are more likely to feel comfortable posting if they know that their posts will only be seen by like-minded individuals inside the group. There is a lot of hate out there in internet land and often people are afraid of getting bullied online. Also having a closed group leads to an air of exclusivity because not everyone gets to join it.

Facebook Group Tip # 11: Have a central theme.

If your group is about everything then it is about nothing. This leads to confusion of what is acceptable to post and what new members can expect to see. Your group shouldn’t be around your brand, instead, make a Group with a central theme and then occasionally mix in promotional posts.

Facebook Group Tip # 12: Have a group description and cover photo.

When new members decide if they are going to join your group the only things they can see before joining is your group’s description and cover photo. So, make sure your description is catchy and the cover photo stands out.

Successful Business Facebook Group Tips

Which tips are you going to go out and implement? Or are you already using some of them? If so, which ones? Let us know in the comments below! And if you found value in this share the love on social media. You never know who might need to hear this!

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