20 Instagram Story Ideas

20 Instagram Story ideas that will help you to build a deeper connection with your following. While you want your main feed to have a more magazine-like feel your story can be relaxed. Over 70% of people say that they’re now looking at stories over main feed Instagram content.

The reason for this is simple. Stories are more real and are short and your followers love real and short. Because Instagram stories are 15-second clips at the longest users don’t need to commit a ton of time or attention to watch. They’re bite-sized clips that are easy and convenient to watch.

Now I know what you’re thinking… “Sounds great but what should I post?” Today I have taken the guesswork out of Story posting by giving you 20 Instagram Story ideas.

20 Instagram Story Ideas

#1 Use Curiosity Marketing

Don’t give away all the details when you post to your Stories.

Create curiosity, so people want to engage in direct messages.

Leave your followers wanting more information so that they reach out to you.

#2 Promote Your Latest Instagram Post

You can get more eyeballs on your Instagram feed post by posting to your Stories and letting people know there is a new post on your page.

Make sure to add @yourusername with a call to action to visit your profile to see your latest post.

#3 Simple Messages/Quotes

You can just keep things simple and post something like TGIF or a quote you love.

Everyone loves a motivational quote and the perfect place for these are your stories.

Plus posting them in your stories means they do not mess up the style of your main feed.

If you are looking for a program to create awesome graphics check out my favorite program — Canva.

#4 Success Stories

If your product has helped solve a problem for you or your customers, then feature that as social proof on your Stories.

You can do this by showing a screenshot of the feedback.

Make sure to ask for permission from your customer first before posting.

#5 Success Lifestyle

Instagram is a lot about promoting a lifestyle.

If you’re doing well within your business and life feel free to share it occasionally!

Let people know where you came from and then share where you are now.

This will hopefully inspire people to go after their goals and one of those might be earning money by going into business with you.

#6 Review Products

Create a short video where you give your honest opinion of products in your niche.

Make sure to feature the benefits of the product and how it worked for you.

20 Instagram Story Ideas

#7 Promote Your Other Channels

Occasionally you can mention other social media networks, blog or email list.

If you are more active on other platforms this is a great way to get your following to follow you over there also.

#8 Product Favorites

This is a simple video where you share products you really love and why you love them.

It is normally done month by month so don’t feel like you must cover all your products the first month.

#9 Unboxing Reveal

People love to see your real reaction when you open a product for the first time.

Shoot a short video about you unboxing your newest cool product and your reaction.

#10 Before and After Pictures

This can be a transformation of any kind.

It could be weight loss, makeovers, younger looking skin, or even your home office.

You can use your own personal stories as well as showcasing your customer’s success stories.

Don’t forget to tag your customers and ask them to reshare your post on their stories for maximum exposer.

#11 Answer Frequently Asked Questions

If you are frequently receiving the same question repeatedly then adding a short answer to your stories is going to be a huge time saver for you.

Make sure to add a Q & A Story highlight album and add these answers to that album for easy reference later.

#12 Create A Contest

Ask your followers to post to their Instagram Stories something specific in order to enter your contest and tag you.

It can be anything, so be creative.

People can only tag you if they follow you so creating this kind of contest will increase your follower count.

Make sure for the next 24 hours after posting the contest you stay on top of your notifications and screenshot the people who tag you.

This way you can choose a winner.

Remember stories disappear in 24 hours.

#13 Share Behind-The-Scenes Shots

Give your followers a little behind-the-scenes peek at how you get your work done.

This is a great way to show people how you do what you do.

If you are looking for people to join you in your business, sharing this type of post is a great way for others to see for themselves what is involved in your business.

#14 Feature Other Accounts Content

If you are having a hard time creating content, just share another accounts content that your following might also enjoy.

Simply post screenshots of other accounts content to your Instagram Story and tag that account so that they see what you’ve posted.

This is a great way to collaborate with others and you never know when those accounts you tag might just return the favor!

You can use this strategy also when dealing with other marketers.

If your companies don’t compete, see if you can work out a share stories agreement.

This is where you share one of their stories and tag them and then they share one of your stories and tag you.

20 Instagram Story Ideas

#15 Tips, Tricks, and Hacks

You can use Instagram Stories to teach your followers just about anything.

Make sure whatever you teach them makes sense for your brand.

So, if you are promoting makeup teach them a makeup trick or if you are promoting jewelry teach your followers a tip to take care of it.

For example, you could start posting “Tip of the day”, which shows one very simple thing to try that day.

Make sure to keep it short as longer videos belong in IGTV.

#16 Use Polls

Polls are a great way to get a response from your followers.

Ask a simple question with very easy answers.

When someone clicks on one of the two options to submit their answer you get notified and you are connected via Instagram’s messenger.

This means if you send them a message, they will get it.

It will not go to the tab where people that are not following you go even if they are not following you.

When they vote on a poll, they established a connection.

If you create polls that have something to do with your business when someone responds positively that makes them a good person to reach out to about your product or service.

#17 Fill Out A Template

Templates are a “fill in the blank” form that allows your followers to get to know more about you.

You can find templates or create your own.

If you create your own, make sure you post a blank one after your filled out one for other people to fill out themselves.

#18 Sneak Peek or Teasers

Do you have a new product launching?

If so, do a sneak peek or teaser post to warm up your audience.

Remember don’t give away all the details just get them excited for your launch.

#19 Discounts and Free Shipping

Do you have a discount or promo code?

If so, share it will your following.

Your followers will love feeling like they’re getting access to something that nobody else is getting.

#20 Start Regular Series

This is a topic you cover every week and keeps your followers coming back for more.

It can be something simple like makeup Monday’s where you show a makeup look or weight loss Wednesdays where you show a workout your followers can do.

Make it relevant to your brand and give it a catchy title.

20 Instagram Story Ideas

You can use some or all the Instagram Story ideas I put together above and grow your following/engagement today.

Also, as a bonus, the above ideas are also good for longer videos on IGTV.

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