3 Investments Small Business Owners Should Make

There are many different investments small business owners should make and different theories on why you should make those investments.

However, I have found that all successful small business owners are making 3 main investments.

Choosing to take the time to make these investments can be the difference between success and failure.

3 Investments Small Business Owners Should Make

#1 Invest In Yourself

This comes in the form of personal development and is a lifelong process. When you become more you can be more for others.  By learning about yourself (your needs, your wants, your dreams, your goals) you can take steps to become your best self. The first step in this process is developing your personal vision.   When you have a clear compelling vision of what you want and why you will begin to start moving toward that vision.  If you would like a free guide that can help you build your vision check out my free dreams and goals planner today!

#2 Invest In Learning

You are not born with all the skills you need to be successful at running a business.  It is very important that you invest in learning these skills.  This can be done in a lot of different ways — some of which are free.  The number one free way is to google the skill that you want to learn.  Check out what others are doing and try some new things.  If it works for you keep doing it.  If not try something else.  Other ways you can invest in your learning is by following successful people, reading books, attending trainings and joining classes.

#3 Invest In Marketing

3 Investments Small Business Owners Should Make

This can be done in many different ways also, but it is necessary to invest a certain percentage of your profits into marketing your business. Some of the most common ways people invest in their business are supplies, flyers, business cards, literature, samples, and paid advertising. The biggest FREE way to invest in marketing your business is just to talk to people.  Talk to a lot of people and share the love of your product, service, or opportunity.

Investments For Small Business Owners

Now that you know the 3 investments small business owners should make add them to your current weekly plan.

I would love to hear from you so drop me a comment and tell me what is one of the ways you invest in your business?

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