37 Lessons Every Network Marketer Needs To Know

This is one of my favorite articles I get to write every year. I have been alive now for 37 years on this spinning globe we call earth. Every year I look back at the lessons I have learned while building my business and today I am sharing them with you, in no particular order. 

1.     Build a brand around yourself. Being you is one thing that will not change.

2.     Try every idea once.  You never know what will work for you.

3.     Do not prejudge people.  Give them information, sit back and watch what they do.  You never know who your next star will be.

4.     Don’t let people lead you off your path.  You are the one that knows what’s best for you.

5.     Listen for people’s problems before pitching an opportunity to them. 

6.     Talk to at least 20 people a day if you want to build big.

7.     Do things now; do not wait until the time is perfect.

8.     Learn something new every day.

9.     Put what you learn into practice.  If you don’t, why bother learning it in the first place?

10. Just start!  You don’t have to know how to complete a whole task to start.  Just start by learning the first step.

11. You should always invest part of your profits back into your business.  Just like a plant if you don’t water it, then it will die.  Your business is no different.  Take care of it.

12. Do not let haters get you down.  You know you are making a difference when you’ve got a few people hating on what you do.

37 Lessons Every Network Marketer Needs To Know

13. Find a good support system. You never know when you will need it.

14. Know what your dreams are or you will never achieve them.

15. Turn plans into routines for long term success.

16. Find ways to automate your business so you can step away from it.

37 Lessons Every Network Marketer Needs To Know

17. When taking photos always find the light and put your face in it.

18. Take lots of photos so you can use them on your social media networks.  Your face is more powerful than stock photos.  People follow people, not things.

19. Never give away all the details when posting online.  If you create curiosity in people’s minds, then they will have to reach out to you for all the details.

20. Pressure pushes people away.  Do not do this to potential clients.

21. When looking for people to talk to about your business, look for people who have problems you can solve.

22. Love your team and your customers.  When people know they matter to you, you matter to them.

23. The more you do things the better you get at them. 

24. Make mistakes.  That’s where you learn some of your best lessons.

25. Embrace change.  It is going to happen so you might as well get comfortable with it.

26. Do not spam your social media networks with tons of links and company sponsored posts.  This does not attract people to you.

27. Live video is hot and isn’t going away.  To build big online you need to get comfortable with being on video.

37 Lessons Every Network Marketer Needs To Know

28. Have a good business plan.  If you don’t you will end up feeling like you are working all the time but getting nowhere.

29. Always speak about your products in terms of benefits.  Facts bore people while benefits sell people.

30. Look for reasons why things will work — not excuses why they will not work.

37 Lessons Every Network Marketer Needs To Know

31. The more you put yourself out there, the more people will love you.  You will also find more people who hate you.  Focus on the ones who love you.

32. Problems will happen.  How you react will determine if you will be successful or not.

33. Never give up.  Quitting is the quickest way to fail.

34. Do not let fear stand in your way.  It’s ok to be scared…just do it afraid.

35. Give. Give. Give.  The more you give to your clients and team members the greater your business will grow.

36. Recognize your team’s accomplishments, both big and small.

37. The best leaders are the ones who lead by example.  Your team needs to see you putting in the work.

There it is! 37 lessons for 37 years. I hope you can take these lessons and improve your business. Until next year. oxox

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