Have you heard Instagram is the fastest growing platform online?

More and more people are connecting and buying with people every day on Instagram completely crushing other platforms. 

While you might get some interaction on other platforms, with these tips you will find you get more comments, more likes, and more followers easier on Instagram than even on Facebook. 

That’s right — the average Instagram post will get more interaction than any other social media posts.

Of course, Instagram is about pictures so you will definitely need some good ones but being successful on Instagram is more than that. 

However, with these 4 easy tips, you will be connecting with more people in no time.

4 Tips To Get You Noticed On Instagram Today

Use Your Bio

4 Tips To Get You Noticed On Instagram Today

This is a great place to introduce yourself and let others know what your Instagram account is all about. 

You must keep it short as you are only allowed 150 characters and a website link.

I recommend you also put your city and state in your bio as well because location is an easy way to connect with people. 

The website link you use is also important. 

I recommend you DO NOT use your company link as the one website link in your bio. 

This link is too important to just use one site. 

I recommend you use a FREE webpage linker that not only can house your company sponsored link but allows you to write a short statement (longer than your bio allows) and allows you to link other social media networks on that page as well for ultimate impact. 

Click here to watch a video where I explain what I use and why I love it. 

Pro Tip:  Make sure your profile is set to public, not private, so people can see your pictures.  This is a huge deciding factor when people are choosing to follow you.   

Use Hashtags

Hashtags are the way you get more people’s eyeballs on your account. 

Where hashtags might not come into play on other networks it is the most effective way to be found by people on Instagram. 

However, there is a bit of a strategy to using hashtags.

You cannot just use whatever hashtag and think you are going to get followers. 

It is important to use a mix of well-known hashtags and less popular ones when posting on Instagram. 

I recommend using 5 popular hashtags (over 500,000) 5 hashtags from the 500,000-100,000 range, 10 from the 100,000-50,00 rage and 5 from the 50,000 or less rage.

The reason for this is you never know when you will have a post go viral, so you defiantly want to cover the bigger hashtag ranges. 

Most of the time you will not show up in the top of those ranges because you don’t have a big enough fan base yet. 

So, using the lesser known hashtags allows you to show up at the top and stay there longer.   

Even though there might not be as many eyeballs on those posts, the eyeballs that are on it will see you.

4 Tips To Get You Noticed On Instagram Today

Pro Tip: Put your hashtags in your comment section to keep your post looking clean.  After you post your picture and wording for your picture immediately go to that picture’s comment section put in 10 . and then add your hashtags to keep them from staring everyone in the face. 

Use Instagram Stories

4 Tips To Get You Noticed On Instagram Today

Stories are a great place to put all your subpar content and be more personal with your followers. 

Your best content goes on your main feed (kind of like a photo album of all your best content) while stories are like sitting down with your bestie to have coffee. 

Stories are a great place to share your dinner pics, funny moments, memes, what you are watching on Netflix, favorite music, product sales, and even use polls. 

Polls are a fantastic way to find out who might be interested in what you have going on. 

Simply use an image and then click on poll (It can be found under the smiley face square icon) and ask a question. 

It could be something simple like: “Have you ever thought about earning money from home? Yes or No.

If someone clicks yes you get notified. 

This might be a good person to reach out to about your opportunity as you know they are interested in making money. #endlessprospects #yesplease 

Pro Tip: Don’t forget to hashtag your stories. 

Use Instagram TV

4 Tips To Get You Noticed On Instagram Today

This is one BIG place that is not overly saturated with content on social media. 

The reason for this is it is a new part of the Instagram platform and is being pushed majorly by the algorithm giving people who use IG TV a huge boost. 

Plus, it sends all your followers a notification to their phone when you post a video!

It’s new so not a lot of people are using it and that means a big opportunity for you. 

Unlike stories which only allows you to post short clips with IG TV, you can post up to a 10-minute video giving you the opportunity to connect even more with your followers.

Pro Tip:  Save these videos as they can be shared on Facebook and YouTube as well.  #timesaver

4 Tips To Get You Noticed On Instagram Today

If you use these 4 tips you will get noticed on Instagram more than any other platform. 

So, build them into your social media strategy today.  

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