Customer Appreciation During The Holidays

Customer appreciation during the holidays is the perfect way to show a little love and build a lot of loyalty. If it wasn’t for the people who buy from you it would be really hard to stay in business. So why not give your customers a little extra attention this holiday season in a fun, easy, and cost-efficient way.


Customer Appreciation During The Holidays

1) Make Your Deliveries Cute- If you are personally delivering orders to your customers why not make them holiday-themed? You can do this by simply adding tissue paper, ribbon even a candy cane. All of these items can be purchased at the $1 Store for a minimal cost.

2) Free Gift- This is one thing most big stores do during the holiday season. Everywhere I go, I see posters that say Free Gift with purchase. You can take this strategy and use it with your customers as well. Look at the items you sell and figure out what the cost for one of your smaller items is. Then look at the profit you make off of a $50 order. See if you can give away the smaller item by using a part of the profit from the $50 order without going into the hole. If so, then you have a good item for a free gift.

3) Samples- Every year I make sample packs for my customers. This is not only effective at getting people to try more of your products but also can make a cute gift of thanks. This is a great option if you don’t have enough funds yet to give away a full-size free gift. Make sure you make the sample packs look cute with a festive bag, curled ribbon, and candy.


4) Coupons for Next Year- This is one of my favorite things to give and can make a great addition to any one of the ideas mentioned above. Do you remember being a little kid and creating a coupon book for your mom for Mother’s Day? I am fairly sure my mom still has hers. Lol. This is the same concept but in an adult business fashion. The coupons can range from anything 10% off one product or a free gift with the purchase of a specific dollar amount. Let your imagination go wild! Just make sure you calculate the cost for any coupons and are not overextending your profit/loss ratio.

Treat Your Customers This Holiday

Taking these small steps to show a bit of love to your customers will not only make them feel appreciated but also make them extremely loyal to you!

Think about it — you will buy more things and spend more time at places when you feel loved and appreciated.

This extra attention to small details will make you stand out and keep you and your product or service at the front of your customer’s minds.

Carla Lytle


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