5 Steps To Converting Interest On A Post Into A Sale Using Facebook Messenger

Over the past few weeks, we have talked about how to purge your social media account of spammy images and how to create social media posts that will have people reaching out to you asking for more information.

These are important first steps to getting people to connect with you, but what happens next?

The next big thing that happens is people start reaching out to you wanting to have conversations about your curiosity post.

The next steps you take are crucial as they can mean the difference in turning that conversation into a sale or turning a potential hot lead off.

5 Steps To Converting Interest On A Post Into A Sale Using Facebook Messenger

#1 Get Them Talking On Facebook Messenger.  So, the first step might already happen for you as you might just have someone message you and say tell me more.  However, if they comment on the post and show interest the first thing you should do is say: “I would love to tell you all about it.  Sending you a message now.”  Do not put the details in the comments under the post as this blows the curiosity out of the water and no one else needs to reach out to you.  This is giving away your power.  Hold on to all the details until you have gotten someone talking to you.

#2 Start The Conversation With A Question.  Do NOT send them your link.  Hold on to this information until you have more information from them.  This is how you keep control over the situation.  You first want to say hey and then you want to ask this question: “I am just curious, what was it about my post that interested you?”  Do NOT send another message until they answer that question. This is very important. If they don’t answer that question, chances are they are not really that interested.  But it doesn’t mean you can’t contact them again. You can follow up in 4 days with this message: “Hey so sorry I haven’t followed up with you sooner I have been very busy.  Just wanted to reach out and see how you were doing?” If they respond, then say: “I know we were talking the other day about my post I am just curious what was it about my post that interested you?”  Then continue to move through the steps

5 Steps To Converting Interest On A Post Into A Sale Using Facebook Messenger

#3 Listen to What They Say And Craft Your Response Appropriately. Here is the big tricky part as I can’t give you what words should come next as every conversation will be different.  What I can do is teach you the skill of crafting a response yourself.   You are going to listen to what they say and they will tell you how to sell the product or opportunity to them if you pay attention. People love to talk about themselves and will give you lots of details about the problems in their lives.  If we can take these pains and show them how our product service or opportunity can take away their problems they will convert. This is the best way to get someone to try, buy or join you in your business.  You simply take whatever they say and in a short message back rephrase what they have said and let them know how easily they can get what they want by using what you use.  The point of this message is to get them to realize you can relate to them and can help.

#4 Move Them To A Facebook Group. The next thing you want to do is move them to a customer or potential team member group on Facebook.  If you don’t have a facebook group you can always just send them a good video (testimonial) about how the product or opportunity has helped you or someone you know achieve the results your potential client is looking for. You could also type out a testimonial as well but that is going to take a ton of time if you have to do that for everyone who reaches out to you. However, eventually, you will want to build a group as this is much eaiser than having a bunch of one on one converstions. Wait until they respond back to the message you sent in step 3 and then say:  “I tell you what, I have a Facebook group that I think will help.  I will add you to it.  You will just need to accept the invitation.  Does that sound good?”  They will, of course, say yes because you haven’t asked them for any money.  You have just offered to help more and provide more value.  You will need to have your group set up with a pinned video that talks more about what your products can do.  It should be short — 3-5 minutes max.  This is where you put your link to buy!! In the video and in the description of the video. You will let them know there is a video pinned in that group that will give them all the details and ask them when they will have time to watch it.  Make sure to give them choices like: “Could you watch it tonight or tomorrow?” They will then respond and you say great!  I will follow up with you then.

5 Steps To Converting Interest On A Post Into A Sale Using Facebook Messenger

# 5 Follow Up.  At the given time you said you would reach out to them, send them a message and say: “Did you have a chance to watch the video yet?” 
If they say no you say: “Ok when can you watch the video today or tomorrow?”  They will respond and you say: “OK I have to follow up with some more people who did watch the video, but I can squeeze you in for some time at (suggest a time after they said they would watch the video) will that work for you?” They should say yes and then you will contact them at the scheduled time.
If they say yes, say: “What did you like most about it?”  They will respond and you listen.  If they say anything at all positive say: “Great sounds like you are ready to get started.” They should say yes and then you send them the link if they haven’t already purchased or joined you. You may find your Facebook group is so well set up they will convert before you get to step 5. 
If they say something negative like: “I watched the video and it sucked.” Then say: “Huh never heard that before.  Let me ask, what were you hoping to see?”  They will then give you the information you need to build a response back.  9 times out of 10 they will come back with something your product service or opportunity can do for them.  You then respond with: “Well actually you can get (what they said they wanted).” Then tell them how and then move on to “Great sounds like you are ready to get started.”

5 Steps To Converting Interest On A Post Into A Sale Using Facebook Messenger

It is really just that simple. 

Now you might be asking why move them to a Facebook group. 

The biggest reason is once they are in the group, if they don’t buy or join you right away, you have built a connection and they might convert later.

You want to make sure you have that group set up correctly and we will be talking more about that next week.

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