5 Tips for Having a Healthy Work-Life BalanceSo many people find it hard to have a healthy work-life balance.

The reasons why your life can get out of balance are vast and vary from person to person.

However, applying these 5 tips can help you balance your work and your life in a healthy way.

5 Tips for Having a Healthy Work-Life Balance

#1 Use Your Time Effectively. I find the best way to do this is through proper planning. Make sure you block out time for business as well as leisure. A lot of people plan their time at work but not at home. This is a big mistake and can cause your life to get out of balance. Do not let your work spill over into your personal time and vice versa. So many small business owners find themselves stopping work to do home activities or working during family time. If this is your experience, then you need to go back and evaluate your plan.

#2 Prioritize Your Life. Another key to maintaining a healthy work-life balance is to prioritize your home life and work life. You only have so many hours in a day and you need to make sure you get the most important activities done. It is important to communicate with your family to make sure you know what is important to them. Example: They may be ok with you not making dinner as long as you make time for the family game night. Also, make sure you tell your family what your dreams and goals are and what rewards they will reap from you accomplishing them. This means that when you are working and your family wants to interrupt your work time you can just simply say: “I am working toward getting you that Disney trip.” This feels a lot better to your family than just saying I have to work. It is also important to note some days you are just not going to be able to get everything done, but if you prioritize your day then you should have time to spend time with your loved ones as well as advance your business.

5 Tips for Having a Healthy Work-Life Balance#3 Let Go of Perfection. Nothing will stress you out more than trying to make everything perfect. Trust me I know. I used to be that person. This will hold you back from completing many tasks because you can’t make it perfect. The truth is perfection is overrated. Getting the job done and doing it to the best of your ability will serve you much better. Honestly, if you gave it your all at the end of the day that is good enough. Stop beating yourself up and start celebrating getting it done!

#4 Be Present. Nothing is sadder to me than to see someone not enjoying the moment they are in. This comes in the form of looking at your phone during family dinner or thinking about your family during your scheduled work time. Turn off your phone! If you are working with a client or team member be there with them without allowing one of the many reasons or phone dings interfere. This is also key when spending time with your family. If you are working during family time your family will start to feel neglected and start to hate your business. See they will not hate you (they love you) but they will hate the thing that is taking you away from them. This will become a huge problem–if your family isn’t supporting you advancing your business then it’s going to make it much harder for you at home.

5 Tips for Having a Healthy Work-Life Balance#5 Take Care of Yourself. Taking care of yourself allows you to take care of other people. This is one of the main reasons why on a plane they tell you to put the oxygen mask on yourself first. Set aside time every week to relax and rejuvenate yourself. It can be small things like enjoying a cup of coffee or taking a relaxing bath. Make a list of things that you find relaxing and add them to your weekly plan. It is also important to eat well, get enough sleep and set aside time for your hobbies/passions. If you aren’t healthy and happy, how do you expect anyone around you to be?

5 Tips for Having a Healthy Work-Life Balance

Start applying these 5 tips and start taking ownership of your life.

Remember you can only be your best self and live your best life if your life has a healthy balance.

Make sure once you get the proper work-life balance you keep it as both are critical in making you a happy and healthy individual.

Carla Lytle

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