5 Tips That Will Get You More Engagement On Your Facebook Page

If you are striving to be a professional network marketer, then you probably already have or are eventually going to create a Facebook fan page.

***It is important to note***

Where you’re at in your business and what your future goals are should dictate whether you should create a Facebook page or not.

There’s no need to get sidetracked with creating a business page if you’re just getting started or you haven’t hit $500 a month in residual income, just stick with your personal profile for now.

5 Tips That Will Get You More Engagement On Your Facebook Page

Once you have created a bit of success in network marketing it is time to start a Facebook Fan page to expand your reach on social media.

If you are just starting a Facebook fan page and are getting engagement on your personal profile don’t expect to get the same engagement on your page right off the bat.

It’s the same for everyone, including me, so don’t get discouraged.

Here is the deal if you want to create engagement on your Facebook fan page as fast as possible start with these 5 tips.

#1 Slowly transition people from your Facebook profile to your Facebook Page.

People that already follow your profile are more likely to engage with your page over strangers.

This can be done several ways but my favorites are these — share a post on your profile about a live training on your Facebook page, or do a 2-part video series where you do part one on your Facebook profile and then let everyone know you will be doing part 2 over on your Facebook page.

5 Tips That Will Get You More Engagement On Your Facebook Page

#2 Use Facebook live video.

This is one of the best ways to get engagement on your Facebook Fan Page as people respond better to live video over any other type of post.

Plus, if you don’t have a ton of followers it’s a great time to practice. Don’t wait until you have thousands of people following you to start doing live videos as that is overwhelming.

#3 Hype up your live feeds.

Create a cute image with a good caption promoting your live feed and post it to your page at least 2 hours before you go live.

Then make sure to let everyone know you are going live by sharing it on your Facebook profile and any groups (the ones who allow it) that you are a part of, the details of the live video.

Let them know what the topic is going to be about, the time you are going live and a link to your page so they can find you.

#4 Share your post and have others do so as well.

Make sure you are sharing some of your posts to your Facebook profile and any groups (ones that allow it) that it would be appropriate in.

You sharing your post is great but one of the most powerful things for a Facebook page is when others share your content.

Now I am not a big fan of the: “Hey can you do me a favor?” strategy.

I am a much bigger fan of incentivizing or inspiring people to share because they got value from the content.

Plus, it just feels better.

A few ways you can do this are by offering a drawing for anyone who shares, giving anyone who shares a share shout out (meaning saying their name and thanking them when you are live if they share), or just asking people to share if they got value and think it will help someone else.

#5 Post consistently.

Hopefully, you will be able to post one good piece of content to your page every day.

It doesn’t always have to be a live video, but it should be something of value even if that just means an inspirational quote.

Post all sub-par (meaning not your best but still shareable) and additional content on your page’s stories.

This leaves your Facebook page crawl looking it’s best and lets the people who want to connect with you more a place to get even more content from you.

Posting consistently not only makes the Facebook algorithm happy but also keeps your followers engaged.

Make sure you are always following the 80-20 rule even on your business page of providing 80% of your content to entertain or educate and only 20% sales related content.

5 Tips That Will Get You More Engagement On Your Facebook Page

If you are only posting buy, buy, buy all this stuff from me you will find your engagement stays low.

This is the worst thing you can do because you look like an ad and not a person.

People connect with people, not things.

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Did you get value? If you did share the love on social media and help someone else!

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