7 Tips Building A Business Facebook Page

These 7 steps will help you get started when first building your business Facebook page. When you first start a Facebook page, don’t expect to get the same engagement you get on your personal profile right off the bat. It’s the same for everyone, including me, so don’t get discouraged. However, if you follow these 7 tips you will start to see consistent results that go up over time.

7 Tips For Building A Business Facebook Page

#1 Pick A Topic For Your Page.

You should be building your page around one central topic or inside one niche.  This is important because you want to make sure it is easy to identify what your page is all about as soon as someone lands on it. This is the best way to sort people that will be interested in your page topic from others that aren’t.

#2 Create A Good Name.

Your Facebook page name can be one of 2 things: it can be topic-based or it just can be your name.  If you build a page around your name, this doesn’t mean the page is about you. It should still be focused around a topic or niche so be sure to make that clear with your Facebook page cover and story. You should also make sure to change your unique username to match your page name so you can generate a custom URL for your page.  This can be done in the “about section” for your page.

#3 Get Current Friends To Like Your Facebook Page

People that already follow your profile are more likely to engage with your page over strangers at first so you should invite all your friends to like your new page. Do a live launch video on your personal profile letting all your friends know that you are starting a Facebook page and what it is all about.  Make sure to give them the custom URL you created earlier so they can find your page easily. After you wrap up the live video, head over to your page and send an invite from your page to all your friends as this will go to everyone, not just the people who saw the video.

#4 Post Consistently.

Hopefully, you will be able to post one good piece of content to your page every day. It should be something of value even if that just means an inspirational quote. Post all sub-par (meaning not your best but still shareable) and additional content on your page’s stories. This leaves your Facebook page crawl looking its best and lets the people who want to connect with you more a place to get even more of your content. Posting consistently not only makes the Facebook algorithm happy but also keeps your followers engaged.

#5 Create Posts People Will Share.

Getting your posts shared is one of the best ways to get new followers. You should be sharing your own posts over to your profile, in any groups that allow it, and creating posts that your followers what to share.  To get more information on how to create sharable Facebook posts, click here. Also, you can ask live video watchers to share your live feed if they get value. Never type into a post: “Share this post.” Facebook downgrades this wording. You sharing your post is great but one of the most powerful things for a Facebook page is when others share your content.

#6 Go Live On Your Page.

This is one of the best ways to get engagement on your Facebook Fan Page as people respond better to live video over any other type of post. Plus, if you don’t have a ton of followers it’s a great time to practice. Don’t wait until you have thousands of people following you to start doing live videos as that is overwhelming. I recommend going live at least one time a week with tips, valuable information, or entertainment, whichever is appropriate for your following. Make sure to pin this post to the top of your page so it will get seen first by new followers.  I like to leave mine pinned to the top of my page until I do my new live video then I pin that one to the top.

#7 Promote Your Live Feeds.

Create a cute image with a good caption promoting your live feed and post it to your page at least 2 hours before you go live. Then make sure to let everyone know you are going live by sharing it on your Facebook profile and any groups (the ones who allow it) that you are a part of, the details of the live video. Let them know what the topic is going to be about, the time you are going live, and a link to your page so they can find you.

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