Being Social on Social Media

The key to making any social media algorithm favor your content is by being social. When you are social on social media you will see a boost in the number of people seeing your post for FREE. The reason for this is simple. Every platform you are on is fighting to keep you on that platform.

They want the content that they are showing to make you (and everyone else) want to stay on their platform and never leave…as in ever. If they could have you there 24/7, they would. LOL. I refer to them sometimes as a jealous friend who only wants you to be friends with them and no one else. When someone interacts with you and you interact back the algorithm is like “oooooh this must be some good content they are staying on our platform. Let’s show it to more people and see if we can get them to stay.”

Being Social on Social Media

So how can you be social on social media? That is actually simpler than you might think. Check out the ideas below and start making the algorithms favor your content for FREE today.

#1 Ask Questions. Comments are everything on almost all the platforms. So, asking good questions can be a huge step to getting good comments. Make sure when people comment on your post that you respond back to that comment as soon as possible. Make sure you take time to craft a response that will hopefully get the person to continue the conversation and engagement. Don’t just reply with an emoji or a “thank you.”

Pro Tip: Try to evoke an emotional response. When we feel, then we act. That is why right before asking you to donate to a charity they always show you a heartbreaking video. At its core, all engagement is about emotion. Consider how you can use a story to evoke an emotional response to what you are sharing. When you do this, it opens the door wide for the beginning of some great conversations.

Being Social on Social Media

#2 Use Messages. The Facebook and Instagram algorithms both watch what you do on their respective messenger programs as well. Yes. You read that right it tracks your messages. So, if you want someone to see your content then right before you post send them a message and start a mini conversation. It can be as simple as “Hey. What have you been up to lately?” or “How is your family doing?” Just reach out to your followers and that will show the algorithm that you are connecting with that person so you both must want to see more of each other’s content.

#3 Use Chat Stickers. Chat stickers are a great way to start conversations on Instagram Stories. Rather than having one on one conversations via DM, you can start a live chat with multiple followers. To start a chat, open Instagram Stories and start a text post or upload a photo. Then, click on the sticker button in the top right and select the “chat” sticker. Name your chat and post it to your story. You can currently add up to 32 people to your chat.

#4 Respond To Tags and Shares. When someone tags your account in something or shares your post, go to that post and drop a thoughtful comment. This makes the person that shared it feel good and shows their friends that you care.

Being Social on Social Media

#5 Comment On Other Users Posts. Interacting with other users’ posts on Instagram is a great way to get more eyeballs on your account. When others see your well thought out comment (Don’t be lazy. Post a good comment.) you made on another post from an account they’re following, they might just click over to your account. Once you bring them there, if they love your engaging content, they might give you a follow and start engaging with your posts

Are you currently using any of these ways to be social on social media? If so then share with me in the comments section how they are working for you. If not, then share with me what your biggest takeaway was. I LOVE hearing from you.

Carla Lytle


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