Building the Brand of You

Building the Brand of You

People make connections and are way more loyal to people than they are companies or products.

Therefore, if you are in network marketing and want to sell your products online, you are going to need to build the brand of you.

Chances are your products are being sold by lots of people, so why should people want to buy from you?

The answer is simple. If you brand people to you first, then of course they are going to buy from you, their online friend, instead of the company itself or another network marketer.

The reason for this is your online friends or followers trust you and value your opinion because you have built a connection with them.

Building the Brand of You

Building the Brand of YouHowever, it is hard to build a connection with someone if you don’t know who you are talking to.

That is why building the brand of you all starts with deciding who your audience is.

Most people don’t have a clue who their audience is.

They are just on social media posting stuff without one clue of who they are talking to hoping someone will buy something.

I call this throwing stuff at the wall just to see what sticks.

Now that’s a fine place to start and if you are not really serious about building a business online, this can be a totally acceptable way to market to your friends and family.

If you are trying to get people who don’t know you to follow you and potentially buy from you, then you need to be talking to a specific audience.

The good news is you get to decide who these people are!

Your audience can be anyone, but you do need to define it and you need to be specific.

Lots of people find it challenging and overwhelming to define who their audience is but I have cheat sheet below that will help you.

Just answer the questions below and you can have your audience defined in less than an hour.

Building the Brand of You1) Age Range. (Should be a range of 20 years or less). Saying ages 18-80 is not a defined range. This is way too broad.

2) Family Life. Are they single, married, divorced? Do they have kids, how old are the kids?

3) Where will you find them? Where does your ideal customer hang out? List 5 places your audience goes.

4) What are their 5 biggest problems? What keeps them up at night?

5) What are their favorite things? Make a list of 10 things that your audience likes.

6) What do they want? List 5 things that your audience may be looking for?

Building the Brand of You

Now that you have a clear and defined audience you can start to build your brand in a way that will help attract the type of people you are looking for.

Next week I will be helping you finish up your branding efforts by building a mission statement and showing you how to use all this information when posting on social media.

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