Cleaning Up Your Social Media Networks

*** This is one part of an overall social media strategy to help you build your followers online. If you find something that works outside of this, then keep doing what you’re doing. ***

In previous articles, we have talked about the social media strategy of building the brand of you and why that is important to use to build a following. If you haven’t read this article yet, I would recommend reading that first before continuing.

If your social media networks are full of company pictures, the company name, the names of your products, links to your products and other spammy looking posts it is time for a purge.

Why would anyone need to reach out to you and talk to you if you have all your information posted on all your social media networks?

As network marketers we want people to reach out to us.  We want them to come to us and show interest. 

Having all your company info on your social media networks stops people from connecting with you because they fear being sold.

No one says, “You know what? I would really love to hear a sales pitch. Wonder who I can get to give me one?”

If your social media networks don’t contain any of these spammy items, congratulations you are ahead of the game.

Cleaning Up Your Social Media Networks

What is a social media purge?

A social media purge is removing any spammy looking items from your profile images and backgrounds.

Here is an example of a spammy looking FB profile:

Cleaning Up Your Social Media Networks
This is a made up profile for use as a example of a spammy Facebook personal profile.

Here is the purged version of the same profile:

Cleaning Up Your Social Media Networks 3

See the difference?

One is super spammy looking while the other one looks more like a cool friend you might want to have.

Now you might be thinking maybe I should just delete what I have and start all over again. No! No! No! Don’t try to rebuild a following.

I have seen tons of successful people flip an account to something new without deleting all their past work.

Let me give you an example:  One of the movie youtubers I love to watch started out as a beauty youtuber and crossed her channel over to movies.  If you go way, way, way back on her feed you can still find her beauty videos but now, she only does movie review videos and she has a following of close to 1 million people.

Moving forward you should use more authentic content like pictures of your life, quotes you like, funny post (really anything you can think of to connect with people) as well a few (1 post every 6 days) curiosity posts about your business.

Here is an example of a spammy post:

Cleaning Up Your Social Media Networks
The words that normally go along with this post are: Buy from my site today

Here an example of a curiosity post:

Example of curiosity post: Thanking my lucky stars today I no longer have to commute one hour to work in the rain, sleet or snow. Being able to work where and when I want to is the ultimate freedom.

Curiosity posts are great because if someone wants more information, they must reach out to you to get it!

Which would you rather do — have people reach out to you and want to talk to you or would you rather have to hunt people down to sell something to?

Now you might be thinking, so why does my company give me these images if they don’t work and shouldn’t be used?

There is one place these images work great and should be used…Inside your customer Facebook group or team training group.

Your social media networks should connect people to you. 

Once they are connected to you some will be drawn to your curiosity posts and become customers.

Once they are customers and they join your group, they have officially said I want more information on your products so feel free to post away!

Now I will say, make sure you are also providing more value like videos, how to’s and helpful advice inside your customer groups as well as product promotions!

I also believe that it is ok for new network marketers to post one time when they first start their business about the company they are with. 

This one post will let all their current friends who might be looking for someone in that network marketing company know that they are now in business.

However, after that one “launch post” they should go back to interacting with their online friends again and making a connection with new friends.

Cleaning Up Your Social Media Networks

Now that you know why and how you should be cleaning up your social media networks, begin your purge today.

If you don’t have any non-spammy images, then step one is going to be taking a great profile picture and background image. 

Make sure your profile image is always a good picture of you.

If you don’t have one, then just get yourself looking like your best self and snap a picture on your phone — preferably outside where lighting is better than inside.

This is one simple way to change the way you do business from spammy to personal.

Have you done a social media purge before?

If so drop me a comment and let me know how it worked for you. 

Did you get value? If you did share the love on social media and help someone else!

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