Creating Your Mission Statement

Once you have defined your audience the next step in building the brand of you is to create your brand’s mission statement.

If you haven’t defined your audience yet click here for an article that will help.

Having a defined audience lets you know what your audience’s needs, wants and what problems they face.

You will use this information to start building your mission statement.

Creating Your Mission Statement

Your mission statement tells people what your brand is about and what they will get out of following you. 

There are 2 formulas for this and they are both simple:

Benefit + Benefit – Without Problem


Solution + Solution = Desired Outcome

Here are 2 examples of how each formula works.

Creating Your Mission Statement

Benefit + Benefit – Without Problem

Inspiring you to be your most incredible self (Benefit) so you can live your most incredible life (Benefit) without using a lot of time or money (Problem).

Solution + Solution = Desired Outcome

If you have been following me then you probably already know what mine is, but I will list it here for you as an example.

I help entrepreneurs and network marketers develop a plan (Solution) to build success faster (Solution) so they can live incredible lives (Desired Outcome).

Pretty simple right?!?

You know what you are getting from both examples.

However, without knowing who you are talking to and what problems they face, creating a mission statement can be overwhelming. 

Now after you have your mission statement and defined audience you can start to build a plan of how to use this online.

Creating Your Mission Statement

It makes it super simple when creating content to say: “Does this appeal to my target audience?” and “Does it fit within my mission statement?”

Without knowing these two key insights you are just blindly posting stuff hoping it works out and you are not speaking to the people you can help (your defined audience).

This is not an effective strategy and leads to a feeling of being overwhelmed and not knowing what to do.

I suggest you keep your mission statement somewhere that you can see it often so you stay true to the brand you have built.

I have mine printed out and posted in my office as well as listed everywhere on social media (example my Facebook page cover photo).

You can shorten it up a bit if you need to for social media posts. 

It’s also the first thing I say at the beginning of all my live feeds.

It goes like this: “Hi My name is Carla and I help entrepreneurs and network marketers develop a plan to build success faster so they can live incredible lives.”

This is also a great way to respond when someone asks you what you do for a living.

It just sounds so much better than: “I sell (insert your company name or product)”

The later makes you sound like a salesperson from which people run away, where the first one lets people know what you do and if they are interested, then leads to more conversation.

Creating Your Mission Statement

Now that you know how to build the brand of you sit down and do the work to create your mission statement.

This was so powerful for my business and I hope you take it and make it work for you!

Carla Lytle

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