Do You Have Network Marketing Swagger?

Do You Have Network Marketing Swagger?

You may have the moves like Jagger but do you have that Network Marketing Swagger?

The moment that you can pay all your bills and have money left over for the fun stuff in life all by using your network marketing paycheck something special happens.

You become confident, it doesn’t bother you if someone tells you no, you can speak to people with conviction and you become selective when asking people to join your business.

I call this Network Marketing Swagger and once you have it magical things happen.

Do You Have Network Marketing Swagger?People are drawn to you, they say yes more often than no and you no longer care what the nay-sayers say.

All of this swagger comes from an unwavering belief in yourself and the network marketing company’s opportunity.

They believe because they have had success.

However, this concept can be applied even before you have success.

All you need to do is really and truly believe in the possibility that you can be successful with the network marketing company you have chosen to work with.

If you do not have this belief you will be swagger-less.

A swagger-less network marketer is clumsy. They beg, bargain, try to convince people to join them and make themselves look pretty desperate.

This is not a good look and sets you up for failure.

So how does someone with Network Marketing Swagger operate?

#1 They look for people who they want to be in business with and they offer them the opportunity to join their company. Not everyone is right for what you have to offer. Look for the people that are.

#2 They have business conversations with these people without being attached to the outcome of the conversation. Meaning if people join great, but if not they are ok with that too.

#3 They ask questions to find out what the potential new client’s needs and wants are and then focus the conversation on that. Talking too much without knowing what someone wants and needs makes you look desperate.

#4 They always give people the option to say no. Most people think you lose power when you do this, but you actually gain it.

#5 They continue to build their business without letting the downs get them down for too long. Every business has peaks and valleys. A network marketer who has swagger knows this and keeps pushing forward.

Do You Have Network Marketing Swagger?

Do You Have Network Marketing Swagger?As you can see all of the ways they operate have nothing to do with the success they have created which means you can operate this way too.

When you believe in the possibility of your success, you become more confident and then will truly have network marketing swagger.

So the next time you approach someone about your business, remember to do it with network marketing swagger.

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  • Denise Green

    Reply Reply October 8, 2018

    Keep being inspirational to everybody. You have a wonderful talent.

    • carlalytle

      Reply Reply October 21, 2018

      Thank you! <3

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