Do You Know The Hidden Value Of Your Business?

Do You Know The Hidden Value Of Your Business?

You might know the cost to have others start their own business, but do you know the hidden value of your business?

Most people only talk about the cost, but successful business owners talk about cost and value.

Do You Know The Hidden Value Of Your Business?

You might be wondering what this looks like so let me give you an example you can relate to.

Have you ever been shopping and seen this: product bundle X for just $50 — a $200 value?

See in this example the product bundles cost is only ¼ of the value which makes it look like a really great deal.

Do You Know The Hidden Value Of Your Business?Now if someone is at all interested in your opportunity when they see a value that is bigger than the cost, it begins to make them lean more toward joining you.

The reason for this is simple.

If your potential client believes they can get what they want with your opportunity and they think the value is too good to pass up, then their gut instinct is to say yes.

So how do you figure out the hidden value of your business?

The 1st thing you need to do is list every item they get when they join your business, I mean everything, not just the start-up kit.

Your company has probably already broken down the starter kit value versus cost for you but if not, you can do that for yourself.

Just make a list of everything included in your kit and the actual value of the item.

Most kits have a value of over double the cost for the kit.

However, the startup kits value is only part of what the whole value of joining you is.

Some other items you might want to list are:

Team Facebook Group with Live Monthly Trainings: $350

Bi-Weekly Personalized Business Calls: $995

Product Training: $250

On Demand Business Building Videos: $675

Social Media Center Full of Premade Videos & Posts: $850

Personal Website for Online Sales: $1,000

Back Office and Reporting System: $575

Vacation Incentives You Can Earn: $2,000

Product Giveaways: $350

Total Value of Joining My Team: $7,045

These are just a few examples. You may have many more than just this short list.

If you are wondering how to determine the value of what you have to offer look at how much it would cost to have someone design a website for you or the cost for a coaching call.

Do You Know The Hidden Value Of Your Business 4You can use these as a guide to help you determine the value of each item on your list.

As you can see the value of each these benefits really starts to add up.

If you are only using the value of your startup kit you are missing out on the total value of what someone gets when they join with you.

You might be wondering, now that you have the hidden value of your opportunity, how do you use it?

You don’t want to list all these items when you are talking to someone.

So instead just simply say the cost of the starter kit is XXX but the value is XXX plus the value of joining our team is XXX (insert your hidden value) and maybe list a few of your top benefits.

Now where the list of items with their value beside them is a huge game changer is when you use it in your emails and on lead capture pages.

Most of us have an email or lead capture page that we send to people when they inquire about our business and this is a great place to put your value list.

By putting your value list in this email/lead capture page it makes it super easy to not only describe the benefits you have to offer but also the value without seeming salesy.

Do You Know The Hidden Value Of Your Business?

This also shortens your email into simple easy-to-understand value points.

Now that you know why the hidden value of your business is important and how to use it, sit down and make your list today.

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  • Elizabeth Wilson

    Reply Reply December 5, 2018

    Thank you for all your information about this business you rock

    • carlalytle

      Reply Reply December 8, 2018

      You are so welcome! Glad I can help. <3

  • Adriana Carlson

    Reply Reply January 23, 2019

    What is an email or lead capture page? What does it do?

    • carlalytle

      Reply Reply February 24, 2019

      It allows you to get peoples information so you can follow up with them.

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