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Looking to earn a company incentive? If so, I have you covered. Incentives can range from prizes, money, or even trips.

How To Earn Company Incentives

Besides the fact that you might earn some cool stuff, here are some other reasons you want to earn incentives:

  • Build Your Business For The Long Term
  • Reach Higher Goals
  • Create A Success Story That Can Be Shared With Others

In this guide, I will give you 5 steps you can take to earn any incentive!

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5 Steps To Earning An Company Incentive

1) Read Over Everything

  • Print the rules.
  • Read them until you understand them.
  • Know the end date.

2) Know Your Goals

  • Write your goals down.
  • Review them frequently.

3) Break The Big Goal Into Smaller Ones

  • Minimum of 3 smaller goals.
  • Break the small goals into actions.
  • Pull out all the stops, get uncomfortable, and make it happen.
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4) Put Actions On A Calendar

This is a big part of planning. Set your achievement date at 2 weeks before the incentive ends.

5) Stick To And Evaluate Your Plan

Evaluate the effectiveness of your plan every 2 weeks and make adjustments. If your goal is not in reach 1 month before your end date, then amp up your efforts and push to the goal line.

How To Earn Company Incentives

Now that you know the steps to take to earn your next company incentive put the plan into place, and work it.


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