7 Facebook Group Posts Ideas

Revive your group with these 7 Facebook group post ideas.

Facebook’s algorithm prioritizes content from groups mainly because they have what Facebook calls the most “meaningful interactions” or engagement.

So, if you have a dead Facebook group do not give up hope, there is a way to revive it.

The easiest way to make your group come alive is to post content that makes your members want to comment.

Basically, change what you post and in turn, you will change your engagement.

7 Facebook Group Posts Ideas That Will Get Your Group To Engage

Facebook Group Post Idea #1: Welcome New Members

This is an easy post you can use each week to get your members to engage with each other. Encourage your old members to welcome your new members in the comments section of the post. This will help your new members feel included and comfortable making them more likely to engage with the members in the future.

Bonus Tip: Also ask new members to introduce themselves. These types of posts will help your old members relate to your new members.

Facebook Group Post Idea #2: Post Polls

Engagement happens naturally when you post a poll because they allow your group members to easily share their votes instantly. A great poll idea is to identify a current trend in your niche and create a poll based on that.

Increase Engagement In Your Facebook Group

Facebook Group Post Idea #3: Ask Questions

There are 2 types of questions you can ask to get more engagement in your group: closed questions (members respond with a straight ‘Yes’ or ‘No’), open-ended questions (ones where people share a few sentences to paragraphs). Questions can be anything but should be related to the overall theme of your group. A great added benefit of asking questions is your members will be able to see what others have to say and begin to relate to each other.

Facebook Group Post Idea #4: Stories

People love to hear stories and getting your members to share theirs can have a huge impact on your engagement. If you don’t have members actively sharing inside the group, reach out to some of your most active members, and simply ask them to share. Once your members start to see others sharing, they will be more inspired to share as well. As a bonus, ask your members to share pictures or videos as well.

6 Post Ideas to Increase Engagement

Facebook Group Post Idea #5: Challenges

Challenges can be as creative as your imagination allows them to be, just make sure you keep them simple. The best thing about challenges is they basically guarantee engagement as members will check in on a post every day for as long as the challenge runs. To close the challenge, offer an incentive like a special discount offer or giveaway. Don’t be afraid to play around and test different things to see what works best for your group.

Facebook Group Post Idea #6: Go Live

One time a month do a live video chat with your group. This is a great way to interact with your group. You can share tips or just use this time to chat with your members.

Facebook Group Post Idea #7 Tips and Tricks

Sharing tips that can help your group with their problems is a great way to inspire them to interact in your group. Also, you can share a topic and ask your members to share their tips and tricks to help get a discussion started.

Post Ideas That Increase Engagement

Which one of these post ideas are you going to go out and implement? Or are you already using some of them? If so, which one? Let me know in the comments below! And if you found value please share this with someone else! You never know who might need to hear this!

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