When building your business on Facebook you might be a little overwhelmed and wondering where you should be spending your time. 

One of the biggest problems you can make is trying to take on too much at one time and not being consistent at anything. 

Pro Tip: Work on getting good at learning how to be successful and being consistent in one area before moving on to another one.  Now you don’t have to be perfect you just have to have a routine that works for you.

Today I will break down where you should be spending your time on Facebook depending on your skill level, number of followers and willingness to learn how to grow your business online.

Most people don’t need to have a profile, group, and a page. 

The only people who would really need all 3 is someone who is serious about building a business online.

Building Your Business On Facebook

Facebook Profile

This is the first step and depending on how big you want to build online, it can be all you ever need.  

That’s right — if you are just looking to make a little bit of money by selling things to your friends, family, and future new online friends, a profile is where you should be focusing your time. This is also a perfect place to start if you don’t have a big online following. 

The great thing about using a profile is you can just share your life with people while using other Facebook groups to meet new friends.  Posting a curiosity post is a great way to get people interested in your products without using spammy sales techniques that will get you unfollowed.  This method is easy, feels good, and works.

Facebook Group

If you are looking for a little more than just selling to a few friends online, the second step is to build a group or your very own online community.

Facebook groups offer you a way to connect people who might be interested in your product or service to each other and you on a deeper level.  In this space, you would be providing your following more information about your business, giving them tips, and in general building a bigger connection with them while keeping your profile free of spammy links.

Also having a Facebook group can save you tons of time and if set up right it can sell items for you.  If you just have a profile you may find yourself having to have lots of long conversations with people where you have to say the same thing 100’s of times. 

Having your Facebook group set up with helpful videos and customer testimonials can allow you to point to the group to help you convert customers and reduce the stress associated with high-pressure sales techniques. 

Facebook Page

This is the third step you take when you are looking to build big online or already have a big following from another social media outlet.  Let’s just say you have 2,000 followers on YouTube that you might not want on your personal profile — a Facebook page and group would then be your go-to. 

A Facebook page is really building out your own brand and making your reach online even bigger.  It’s announcing to the world that you have something to say that you believe is valuable and you are committed to sharing/connecting with the people who need/want it.

Once you have gotten comfortable using your profile and your group to build your business, it may be time to start thinking about a page. While a page can be created for free, the amount of time that goes into creating content for all three may not be something you want to commit to and that is totally OK!

This step does not need to be taken, it is just an option for those who are passionate about building online and are willing to do the work. 

Side Note: I believe one of the big mistakes people make is starting a page when they don’t want to be committed to putting in the work to make it successful.  This will lead you to not being consistent and a big key to building online is consistently posting.  

Facebook Profile, Page or Group: Where You Should Be Spending Your Time When Building an Online Business

The great thing about Facebook is it is very versatile when it comes to running your business. 

You can start with a profile and build your way up to a group and a page.

Start small, be consistent, and build to your level of desire by doing the things that work for you.  

Carla Lytle


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    • Cassandra W Lavender

      Another awesome post. I must share this. I have been so confused. I started with a profile and knew not to post about my product or services. I started a page and a group (in that order) not understanding what should be placed on it. I procrastinate because I just was not sure. Now I know what order they go in, and how I should build it and why.

      Thank you for all your valuable information.

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