Customer success stories are an easy way to get people who are interested in your product or service from a maybe to a yes.

One of the best things about them is it takes you out of the middle of a sale.

When someone is talking (online or off) with you about your product you can say “You know I don’t know all the details but here is what I do know: This person said this and got this result.”

Super easy and effective.

Grow Your Business By Using Customer Success Stories

Think of it like reading the product reviews online.

We love to read what real people have to say about a product or service before buying and you can give that to any potential clients by using success stories.

However, it is important to know a few key items in order to make customer success stories work for you.

Grow Your Business By Using Customer Success Stories

You need to first know how to get them from people.

If you are fortunate you may have your customers already telling you how much they love your business and so you have a great group of people you can already think of to reach out to.

However, if you are not that fortunate, you can always reach out to your current customers and just ask if they would be willing to give you a sound bite about their personal experience with your product.

Step One: Ask what they think.

Next, you are going to want to put their story into a customer success story format.

What is a customer success story format?

It’s where you take their words and create a post for them.

Most of your customers will not know how to write an effective success story and so if you leave it up to them it may end up looking more like an ad… An ad is not a success story.

Their success story should contain the benefits they got from using your product, service or opportunity as well as what their experience was like.

If using success stories on social media I recommend leaving the name of your company and product off the post unless you own the company the product or service is from.

The reason for this is if you use the company or product name, your sale could easily get stolen by the google monster (Someone googling your product and then buying it from someone other than you.).

When you don’t use the company or product name, if someone wants the benefit your customer is describing, they are going to have to reach out to you so you will never lose a sale.

Step Two: Write the customers words into a success story.

Before going any further I recommend getting their final approval just to make sure you delivered their message in a way they are comfortable with.

Step Three: Get your customers approval on the story.

The next step is to get your customer to share the story.

This can be done on your Facebook page, blog or anywhere on social media.

Step Four: Have them share the story so you can screenshot it and use it frequently.

Grow Your Business By Using Customer Success Stories

Now that you have the customer’s success story and it has been shared and saved, here are my top 3 ways to use them.

#1 Have your customer post their success story on their Facebook timeline and tag you in the post. You can then use the comments on that post to find potential new customers. I always recommend giving a gift or discount of some kind in return for sharing.

#2 Share the success story in your customer Facebook group. Make sure you create a Facebook unit or album to save all your success stories in. That way when you add a new customer to your group, you can tag them in any units or albums that contain products they might be interested in.

#3 Share the screenshot of the success story to people who may be on the fence. This can be shared face to face, via text, or Facebook message.

Grow Your Business By Using Customer Success Stories

Using success stories provide your new potential clients with real-world examples that they will love and the more you have, the better off you are.

So, start now and make a list of people you can reach out to and start your customer success story bank today.

Carla Lytle


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