Holiday Social Media Posting Guide

Over 20 holiday social media posts ideas you can use to build your business this December. The holidays are on their way and the last thing you want to do is wait until the last minute to start planning your holiday content. So start planning now with these holiday social media posts ideas so you can sit back and relax throughout the month of December!

Holiday Social Media Posting Guide

1) Countdown to The Holidays – You can start this 10 days out and share 1 fun thing for your followers to do each day as you count down to any holiday.

2) Create a Favorite Holiday Movies List – Forget Lifetime!  Make your own list.

3) 12 Days Posts –Create a series of holiday tips posts that make sense for your brand.

4) DIY Holiday Crafts – School will be out and moms will be looking for fun stuff to do with their kids so why not give them some fun ideas? You can also use DIY crafts for adults like home décor ideas or fun creative ways to wrap gifts.

5) Christmas and New Year Eve Ideas – Do you have a fun tradition or game you play at the holidays?  Why not share it with your followers?  

Holiday Posting Ideas

6) Recipe Posts – One thing the holidays are known for is food!  Think about recipes you can share with your followers and if you’re not much of a cook, drink recipes are fun also.

7) Safety Tips – The last thing anyone wants to deal with is an emergency so why not provide your followers with a few holiday safety tips.  

8) Gifts Guides – Help your followers with their shopping by sharing gift guides to help them. Think list like “Gifts for Him,” “Gifts for Mom,” “Gifts for Grandma,” etc.

Holiday Social Media Gift Guide

9) Contest – Contest are one of the best ways to get new followers and give someone the chance to win a gift!
Here are a few contest ideas you can use this holiday:

  • Instagram Photo Contest – Encourage followers to share themed photos on their pages tagging your profile and using your holiday hashtag.
  • Facebook Like and Share Contest – Ask your followers to like your page and share a post to get entered to win.
  • Guess the Answer – Take a picture of a jar filled with jellybeans or another item and ask your followers to guess how many are in the jar.  First-person to guess the answer or the closest to the answer wins a prize.
  • Most Likes Contest – Have people submit a photo around a theme and have your following vote by liking the photos.  The photo with the most likes wins.  Some ideas for this are wreath decorating, outdoor lights decor, snowman decorating or ugly sweater contest.

Holiday Posting Ideas

10) Holiday Music Playlists – You can list your favorite songs or create a playlist on YouTube.

11) Personalized Video Greetings – Film a happy holiday greeting from you for your followers.  

12) Holiday Themed Memes – These are great fillers and the funny ones often get lots of shares.

13) Caption This Post – This type of post gets the best results in the holiday season. It will not take a lot of time to find a funny and odd image based around opening presents, cooking the holiday meal, or playing in the snow.

14) This or That – Create a set of fun holiday-themed quizzes for your followers to participate in and share.

15) Letters to Santa – Have your followers submit their children’s letters to Santa and share the best ones on your page.

Holiday Posting Ideas

16) Hacks and Tips – Share some helpful tips or hacks for the holidays in your niche.  Think easy holiday makeup ideas or hacks to keep losing weight through the holidays.

Holiday Social Media Post Guide For Business

17) Review Products and Gifts Ideas – Create a short video or live where you review products people think are great for gifting. Make sure to include your products to generate leads and drive potential customers to your website.

18) New Year’s Resolutions – We all make them. Create a post to tell your follower what yours are and ask them to share theirs.

19) A Year of Changes – Make a video or photo carousel of how you or your products have evolved over the past year.

20) Charity – Giving is always better than receiving. So share a charity that you are donating to and bring awareness to their cause.

21) Special Offers – Get in the holiday spirit by sharing special products or discounts.

Holiday Posting Ideas

22) Questions – Asking questions is a great way to get people commenting on your post.

Here are some examples:
How much snow do you think we will get this winter?
What is your favorite part about the holidays?
If you could spend New Year’s Eve anywhere at all, where would it be?

holiday social media posts Ideas

23) Celebrate Holidays Big and Small – Below is a list of my favorites. Find more special days here.

Santa’s List Day – hope you are on the “Nice” list – December 4 
Poinsettia Day – December 12
Bake Cookies Day – December 18
Winter Solstice – December 21
Christmas Eve – December 24
Christmas Day – December 25
New Year’s Eve – December 31

24) Share Photos – This works even better if you have a story to go with it.  Dust off your photo albums or take some new photos with these ideas:

  • Go to some local events like your Christmas tree lighting.
  • Share photos of when you were younger.  Think the best and worst gifts you got as a child or that awful holiday picture your family took one year.
  • Food pics for the win! Restaurants love to showcase their products so go ahead and take that pic of a nice piece of pie or mug of hot chocolate.
  • Snow photos if you are fortunate enough to live in a place that gets snow.
  • Don’t get snow?  Use a simple black and white filter to give your photos a wintery look.

Holiday Social Media Post Ideas

There it is!  A whole month of social media content ideas just for the holidays!

Did you get some inspiration? I sure hope so. If I missed an idea you love to use at the holidays drop me a comment and let me know! 

Carla Lytle


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      Hey Carla. Love these ideas. I may have missed something in one of your trainings though. Is there a way to schedule posts in FB or IG ahead of time or does it take an additional app? Thanks!

      • carlalytle

        Hey! Thanks for the question! So you can use other apps to post to FB and IG but I don’t use them. I prefer to use the scheduling apps inside the platform as they tend to glitch less than ones outside of the platform. Currently, you can schedule a post on FB on a business page and group. If you have a business IG connected to a business FB page then you can schedule IG post from your FB page. I am going to make a video about how to do that this week and it will be posted to my Youtube channel later on this week. If you subscribe at and turn on your notifications you will get notified when it gets posted.

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