One big mistake network marketers make is constantly posting pictures of their product and the name of their company.

This makes their social media accounts look like one long-running ad or infomercial and no one wants to follow an account like that.

So how do you change that and still be able to promote your business online?

Tada! The curiosity post method.

Creating Curiosity Posts For Your Business

A curiosity post is talking about something without using a product or company name in a way that sparks people’s interest and gets them to reach out to you.

When you don’t give away all the information it forces people to reach out to you to get all the details.

Change Your Mind-Set About Marketing Your Business.

How To Create Curiosity Posts For Your Business

As network marketers, we want to give away all the details.

Why? Because we are excited, but that excitement doesn’t translate online.

Think of creating curiosity this way: Would you just watch the first ½ of a movie or want to hear only the first half of a story?

No! Because as humans we are naturally curious and want to know the end.

Personally, only hearing half of a story drives me crazy!

When thinking about posting, your mindset should be this: if people want to know what your product or business is, they have to talk to you!

You hold the end of the story.

Create Curiosity Posts By Think In Benefits.

When you are crafting your curiosity post, think in terms of benefits.

This is a great way to communicate online what your potential customers would be getting from doing business with you.

It’s about painting a picture of what their life could look like.

How To Create Curiosity Posts For Your Business

Curiosity Post Topic Ideas

All post should be free of logos, company branding, and product names.

Success Stories: Can be yours or someone else’s.

Financial Success – Think what financial freedoms you have now that you didn’t before. Some examples are: “I finally paid off my student loans” or “I now can take 3 vacations a year” or “I paid cash for my new car”.

Product Success – What problems do people have that you have a product that will fix? Have you or a customer lost weight with your product? Do you have people asking you if your lashes are fake when they are 100% real? These are just a few ideas of the benefits your products can give people.

Product Promotions: Post a picture with your product (make sure the name of the product is hidden) with a catchy caption.

Some examples are: “I have as much energy as my 5-year-old. One capsule makes my mommy burn-out go away!” or “I used to think I didn’t have time to take care of my skin, but that isn’t the case! With these face masks, I don’t need to stop my entire day to pamper myself.”

Business Photos: Share your experience and get them thinking about what their life would look like if they worked with you.

Here are a few examples – Pictures of you with leaders in your company, recognition or well wishes to your teammates, you being recognized on stage, photos from your company events where you are talking about what you learned or how much fun you are having.

LifeStyle: Let people into your life and show them all the benefits you have.

Post about your next vacation to an exotic place. Talk about how thankful you are that you can travel and relax while you are making money!

Work from home? Post about how happy you are that you don’t have to sit in traffic any more or how happy you are you can always pick your child up when they are sick without having to ask permission to leave work.

Educational: Teach people something and include your product as one of the steps.

The quickest way to become an authority is to teach others.

If you are in health and wellness, post something about how to lose weight; if you’re in skincare, you can write tips on how to take care of your skin; or if you’re in finances, teach about budgeting.

Make sure you don’t tell people what the item is and if you are demonstrating it in a video, keep the name covered.

Creating Curiosity Posts For Your Business

Don’t freak out if you don’t see instant results, the magic is in being consistent!

Let me know in the comments below what curiosity posts have worked best for you in your business.

Lastly, I hope this was helpful to you and if you got value please share it with your team or others who might benefit.

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