How To Find Dedicated And Successful Team Leaders

How To Find Dedicated And Successful Team Leaders

The easiest way to go further faster is by building a team full of successful team leaders.

I like to use the example of rolling a boulder up a hill.

You might be able to get it up there yourself, but it sure would be easier with a team to help you.

A good strategy, if you want to build fast, is to identify people who can become successful team leaders when they join your team and periodically throughout the year as people’s needs change.

This leads to the big question of “How Do I Find Dedicated And Successful Team Leaders?”

The 80/20 Rule

How Do I Find Dedicated And Successful Team Leaders80% of your organization joins your business to earn some money (between $0-$500)

20% of your organization wants to earn part-time to full-time income (over $500)

You will find your most dedicated and successful team leaders in the 20% group.

First, you want to start by looking at your current team to see what they are doing.

Potential team leaders have these qualities:

#1 They personally sell to at least 5 customers

#2 They attend meetings or are active inside your virtual meetings or groups

#3 They ask questions (this means they are wanting to learn)

#4 They purchase the materials needed to run their business (for example product catalogs so they can show people what they sell)

Next, to really identify if they are going to be a successful leader, you need to have a conversation with them.

How Do I Find Dedicated And Successful Team LeadersSo reach out at this point and give them a call!

During this call do NOT explain the program or what they need to do.

This is NOT what you want to learn in this 1st conversation.

What you want to know is what they want, why that’s important to them, how much time they have and how committed they are to accomplish their goals.

You can find out all of that information just by having a normal “getting to know you” conversation.

The good news is people love to talk about themselves, so the conversation will be easy.

Once you find out all that information, you are one step closer to knowing if they are going to be a successful team leader.

Things you should be looking for:

#1 They answer their phone (or return your call), they check their email and text with a response in 24 hours. If they don’t return your calls, text or email the chances of them returning messages from their team members are slim to none.

#2 They want more than they currently have. If someone is happy where they are and are not interested in having more, that is ok.

#3 They want to help people. A big part of being a team leader is helping people, so chances are if they are not interested in helping people being a team leader is probably not for them.

#4 They are willing to work. It takes some time and energy to be a successful team leader. Don’t get me wrong. It’s not hard work — like digging a ditch — but it’s also not a get rich quick thing.

#5 They are willing to learn. The skills required to be a team leader are not hard to learn but they are also not something people are born with.

The next step is to tell them you want to help them get what they want by earning money helping others to earn with your company.

How Do I Find Dedicated And Successful Team LeadersThen teach them the 1st step of being a team leader, talking to people.

This can be done online or off depending on their preference.

After you teach them this, help them set a goal of talking to at least 10 people in a 1 week. (I like to tell them they get brownie points for every person they talk to over that 10. Lol)

Now talking to 10 people doesn’t mean they get 10 people to sign up.

They may get 0 but it is not about how many people sign up, it’s more about them putting in the effort.

Then set up a follow-up call for a week later to discuss their results and comfort level.

Then sit back and wait.

This is where the final thing you want to look for comes into play.

A successful team leader will make time for that follow up call and will have talked to at least 10 people.

If they haven’t then simply tell them to give you a call when they have and you will continue their training.

Now you might be thinking but what do I do if I can’t find anyone who wants to be in the 20% group.

How To Find Dedicated And Successful Team Leaders

How Do I Find Dedicated And Successful Team LeadersWell, there is a simple solution to that problem… go out and find more people.

It really is that simple.

You can’t change what people want or do but you can go out and find someone who wants more and help them.

If you are reading this and are not currently a team leader but are thinking “I can do this” then reach out to your team leader and say “I am interested in being a team leader. Will you help me?”

If they are a good team leader, they should want to help you, If they don’t, you have found me and my training will help you build your business.

Also, reach out to others who are your industry and ask them for tips.

The good news is you can be successful without a team leader’s help if you are willing to put in the work.

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