Selling your products on Facebook is very profitable once you know how to do it.  Most people think it is as easy as posting a picture and a link and waiting on the sales to pour in.  However, if you have ever tried this you know it doesn’t work that way.   That’s why I recommend you try something different that actually works. It’s not only easy but also effective.

5 Tips That Will Help You Sell More Products On Facebook

#1 Know Who You Are Marketing To.  The truth is every product isn’t for every person.  So, if you are marketing to everyone then you are marketing to no one.  Let me give you some examples that will make sense to you.  If you sell wrinkle cream, you should be marketing to people with wrinkles.  If you are selling beard conditioner you should be selling it to people with beards. Step one to selling more products will always be to know who you are selling to. You can’t market to people without knowing who your target market is. 

#2 Provide Value.  You can’t just cram random products in people’s face that don’t know you and expect them to buy anything from you.  If people don’t like you and trust you, they will never buy anything from you. The good news is it is really easy to get the right people to like you and trust you.  You just simply need to be yourself and provide people with solutions to their problems.

#3 Explain What Your Product Does NOT What It Is.  If you are just saying to people “Hey you can get your wrinkle cream, CBD products, essential oils, and jewelry over here, buy it from me!” I promise you will see limited results. Why?  Because there are thousands of other places out there where people can buy those things. What makes your product special? What does it do that other products don’t?  How can it improve people’s lives? Benefits, Benefits, Benefits! How will it benefit them and solve their problems? People don’t care what it is until they know what it does.

#4 Use Real Images Or Live Video. Canned images are trusted by people less than personal images.  Don’t believe me?  I can prove it’s true.  How many times have you gone to buy something online and immediately after reading what it does the next thing you do is go and look at other customer’s images or reviews? Yep, that grainy and crappy bad lit image that some stranger posted on Amazon is more credible than the beautiful image created by the seller in a studio. Now, I am not saying by any means to use a poor-quality photo. You should try to put some effort into your images and you can create something that looks good from your phone and be more relatable than a stock image. Another take on this is to do a live video where you show what the product does. This is even more powerful than an image because people can not only see it, but you can also tell them about it at the same time.  Plus, live video is the #1 thing the algorithm favors on Facebook right now.

How To Sell Your Products On Facebook 3

#5 Tell People To Reach Out To You. Facebook hates links that direct their followers to leave the platform and have trained their algorithm to downgrade posts that use them unless you run a Facebook ad. Facebook will show a link to anyone you want as long as you pay them to do it.  So, if you are short on funds or haven’t mastered Facebook ads yet you can just simply tell people to reach out to you for more details.  In fact, if you create your post in a compelling way you don’t even have to tell people to do this, they will reach out to you without being told to do so.  Think about it.  If you have a problem and I just told you I have a product that will fix it but don’t send you a link, your curiosity is going to be piqued and you are going to want more information. If someone wants something and you don’t give them all the details, they will ask you for them. You can then turn that interest into a conversation on Facebook messenger and send the link to your new customer that way.  This deepens the connection you have with them and they no longer see you as a spammer but a new friend who can help them with their problems.

How To Sell Your Products On Facebook

Now that you know the most profitable way to sell your products on Facebook, it’s time to sit down and work through these steps before creating your next post.  Remember you don’t want to be selling with every post you make. Always use the 80/20 rule.  80% of the time provide value to your following and 20% of the time sell them products to help them.  I would love to hear what your biggest take away was, so please share with me in the comments section.

Carla Lytle


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