How To Stop Comparing Yourself To Others On Social Media

Building your business using social media can be fun but it can also lead to a disorder I call compare-itis.  We just can’t help it especially at first when you may have just a few followers, or your accounts aren’t growing as fast as you want them to. It is easy to look at others and start to compare yourself to them.  This is not only dangerous for your self-esteem but can also put you in a negative headspace which can kill any momentum you might have.

When you compare yourself to others the view you have of yourself can become distorted.  This can lead to overthinking, depression, disconnecting from your own life and you downgrading your own value.  

This doesn’t just happen when you are building a business, it can also happen when you are just scrolling through your feed looking at how thin, successful and happy everyone looks. It is important to know that just because it looks that way online doesn’t mean it’s all good in real life.  Most business people don’t put all the bad parts of their life online for the whole world to see. This doesn’t mean don’t talk about your struggles, it just means you talk about them after you have overcome them not when you are in the middle of a crisis.

How to Reduce Social Media Comparisons

1. Avoid people who make you feel less than.

I believe it is important to follow accounts that are in your field to see what they are doing right and, more importantly, what they are doing wrong so you can learn from them. However, if a certain account makes you feel bad about yourself every time you look at it then it is time to disconnect from that person. Go find someone else to follow that will inspire you, not bring you down.  

How To Stop Comparing Yourself To Others On Social Media

2. Limit your time on social media.

Give yourself a designated amount of time daily to check your social media accounts. Staying on the platform all day is not only bad for your mental health but is also bad for your business. Make time to show up for your followers and respond to their comments but limit your scroll time for interacting with social media outside of building your business.

3. Try to figure out why you’re making comparisons.

Oftentimes, when you compare yourself to others it is because you have something in your life that you are self-conscious about. By analyzing what you are thinking you can hone in on what it is that you can change and take steps to move yourself forward. 

For example: Do you feel bad about your photos when looking at what others are putting out online?  Then why not take the time to study how to take better photos?  Maybe it’s the editing of photos you need to get better at, or your posing in photos (it’s true everyone had a good side).

How To Stop Comparing Yourself To Others On Social Media

4. Focus on your progress.

Looking back at how far you have come can instantly give you a boost of self-esteem.  Go back and look at a post, video or pictures you took a year ago. Think about when you first started and you had 0 followers.  Now, look at where you are now. The best person to compare yourself to is yourself! You can’t be anyone else other than yourself so just focus on being the best you that you can be.

Remember measuring your life by someone else’s ruler isn’t a positive practice. Focus on yourself and your business and what you can do to move it forward.  This is the quickest way to get more of the things you want for yourself and your business. 

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