How To Use Facebook Challenges To Boost Engagement & Grow Your Following

Facebook challenges are an effective way to grow your following and boost engagement on your page. You can also use this to grow your email list if you have one and I strongly recommend you do. You can get more tips on building an epic email list here if you are interested.  A challenge can run for 7 days, 15 days or even 30 days.  I recommend you start with a 7-day challenge if you have never done one before.

How to create your first Facebook challenge.

First, choose a topic that you think would best benefit your following.  How can you help them? What do you want them to get out of it? It should be something that makes sense for your niche. For example, if you are in beauty do a makeup challenge or if you are in health and wellness try a fitness challenge.  

How To Use Facebook Challenges To Boost Engagement & Grow Your Following

Second, you will choose the length of your challenge.  I recommend 7 to 15 days. 30-day challenges should be reserved for people who are extremely dedicated to a goal.

Third, start to plan out your content. You want to make sure that you have incredible content for each day of the challenge.  This content should include tips, tricks, and activities for them to do to work toward their goal. Make sure to also have a welcome video and a thank you video to end your challenge.  Also, you should have a good call to action on what you want your followers to do next.  Do you want them to follow your Facebook Page or check out a special offer? Give them the next steps they need to take.

Fourth, create a Facebook group to add your participants to.  This will be the place they go to get daily details for the challenge and report their results.

How To Use Facebook Challenges To Boost Engagement & Grow Your Following

Lastly, you want to give yourself time to promote your Facebook challenge. You should use your social media networks and your email list.  Send people to an opt-in page to join your challenge and get them registered.  You want to collect this information so you can send them a welcome email and give them the details they will need to join your Facebook group. The email marketing program I use allows you to create opt-in pages for FREE and you can try it FREE for 30 days.  Check out the details here.  You can also use a google doc to collect email information, but this doesn’t give you as many benefits as an email marketing program.

How To Use Facebook Challenges To Boost Engagement & Grow Your Following

Now that you have all the details on how to create a Facebook challenge that will help you grow your following, sit down and set a date for your first challenge to begin.  The best way to make sure you start something is to put a date on it and put it in your calendar. Then start planning out the details of how your challenge will help people. Drop me a comment and let me know what your first challenge is going to be about.  I would love to hear your ideas. 

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