Sell More By Solving Your Followers Problems

The easiest way to create valuable content for your social media networks is by solving your followers’ problems.

When you do that your followers, in turn, see you as someone who adds value to their life and makes their life easier, so they are more than happy to like and share your posts.

This leads to increased engagement and new followers.

Plus, if your product, service or business happens to have a benefit that solves one of your followers’ problems then, of course, they are going to buy it from their new online friend’s recommendation.

Sell More By Solving Your Followers Problems- The 5 Step Process

Solving Your Followers’ Problems – Step One

Identify a problem – This can be done in a few different ways. You can look at the benefit of one of your products and come up with a list of problems someone who is looking for that benefit might have, or you can use a problem you or someone you know has faced or, my favorite, asking your following what problem they are facing. Make sure you stick to what your brand is about when it comes to looking for problems to solve.

Some examples are: If you work with makeup maybe your customers struggle with getting a perfect smoky eye, or if you are in weight loss may be your followers struggle with how to curb cravings.

Sell More By Solving Your Followers Problems

Solving Your Followers’ Problems – Step Two

Research solutions – You don’t have to know how to solve the problem at first in order to solve it. That’s what research is for. All the answers you need can be found with a bit of googling. Just compile all the information you gather into one place and start reading. When doing your research try and look for answers that are convenient, cost-effective, or timely.

Solving Your Followers’ Problems – Step Three

Put your own spin on it – After you have done your research, pull out the most important info and put your own spin on it. Do NOT copy what others have said word for word. You might need to try out some of the ideas and see what works for you so you can give a first-hand account of your experience. If there are multiple solutions to the problem, make sure that you give your customers the pros and cons of each option. This is also the perfect place to work in the benefits of your product, service or opportunity as the answer to your follower’s problem.

Sell More By Solving Your Followers Problems 2

Solving Your Followers’ Problems – Step Four

Create Content – Now that you have the first 3 steps covered it’s time to decide how you want to deliver it to your following. You can create a guide, how-to post, tips and tricks post, live video or a video demo of your product.

For example: If your brand is makeup focused then you can create a how-to post on how to use makeup to make your lips look bigger or if your brand is in skincare you can give people 5 tips on how to get glowing skin.

Solving Your Followers’ Problems – Step Five

Share and Promote – Once you have created your content for social media make sure you take the time to share it and promote it. Share it in any groups, pages or profiles that you own or when it is appropriate. If you are sharing the content on Instagram, make sure you do your hashtag research so your post will get seen by as many people as possible. Do not do all that work and skip this part.

Pro Tip: Save your best and most liked content for sharing again later or sharing on another social media network.

Sell More By Solving Your Followers Problems

Sell More By Solving Your Followers’ Problems

It doesn’t get much simpler than this five-step process.

A great way to think about this is how you can help your followers instead of how you can sell to them.

I would love to know what problems you face when building your social media networks so drop me a comment below and let me know.

Carla Lytle


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