Spring Social Media Post Ideas

Get your creative juices flowing with these Spring social media content ideas. They are sure to help with your planning and help freshen up your posting. When it comes to planning out your Spring social media content, never stretch into an area that doesn’t make sense for your business or brand. Instead, you should choose from the ideas below that will best benefit the audience you are serving or tweak the ideas to work for you.

Spring Social Media Content Ideas

#1 Contests

Everyone loves participating in a contest, especially when they can win something. Make sure your contest is fun for your participants as well as beneficial to your business. Ask participants to like, share or tag others to get more followers on your account.

Spring Contest Ideas:

  • Spring in 6 Words – Have people comment on your post or make a post on their social media telling a springtime story in 6 words or less. Make sure if they are sharing their own post, they tag your account in the post to get entered.
  • Photo Contest – Ask customers to share a picture of how they’re using or planning to use your products or services this spring and to tag your business in the post. During the submission period, share the best posts on your social accounts and get your audience’s opinions on them.
  • Guess How Many – You can run simple contests like a “Guess how many jellybeans are in the jar or how many marshmallows.
Spring Social Media Post Ideas

#2 Celebrate Fun Spring Holidays

Take advantage of known and unknown holidays for a fun and easy social media post. Try to work the holiday into what your brand is about or what you are selling.

Here are a few of my favorite.

  • Saint Patrick’s Day – March 17th
  • April Fool’s Day – April 1st
  • Easter Sunday – April 4th
  • Star Wars Day – May 4th
  • Cinco de Mayo – May 5th
  • Mother’s Day – May 9th
  • Memorial Day – May 31st

Check out my favorite site for daily fun and special holidays by month here.

#3 Show Gratitude

Gratitude matters and spring is a perfect time for you to say thank you. Create a ‘thank you’ image and post it across your social media channels with a description that shows appreciation for your clients. You can also offer a discount on your product or service as a token of gratitude. Another idea is to send 100 thank-you’s this spring. You can do this by simply picking 100 followers and sending them a message that just thanks them for following you. This can help you to reengage with people who you want to pay attention to your brand.

#4 Sales and Specials

Springtime is a great time to capitalize on people getting a tax return by offering special deals and sales on your products. When creating content for these specials make sure your content description creates a sense of urgency in your customers. You want them to feel as if they are missing out on something if they don’t buy now.

Spring Social Media Post Ideas

Sales and Specials Ideas:

  • Spring Cleaning – Remind your customers to check out their items and throw away (donate if appropriate) any items that are expired or unused. You can then offer them a discount on a new item that they will love.
  • Spring Themed Products – Offer specials on items for spring. This can be anything from home décor to new spring colors for things like beauty (makeup, nail polish, sunblock, etc.)
  • Physical Well-Being Products – Preparing for summer means getting your body looking its best for summer. This can mean anything from changing up your skincare regimen or getting some new health and wellness items.
  • Farewell to Winter- Spring is a good reason to create a blow-out sale for your more winter-related items. Your customers can get a great deal and you can get rid of any winter inventory.
  • Mother’s Day – Celebrate this special holiday with a sale or free item with purchase. You can also offer a sale where part of the revenue is donated to a charity that helps mothers and children. People love to shop with a cause.
  • Easter – If you have products that are Easter-themed or good for Easter baskets make sure to run a sale or special on them. If you don’t have items that are themed for Easter, then you could always offer something like candy (my favorite is peanut butter eggs) for free with a certain dollar amount of purchase.

Spring Social Media Content Ideas

Bonus #1 Spring Hashtags

Hashtags are not important on every social media network, but they are everything on Instagram and Twitter. Here are some hashtags that will be great for spring posting. Remember popular and trending hashtags should be used on Twitter while a mix of popular and niche hashtags work best for Instagram.

Spring Hashtags

Bonus #2 Spring Photo Ideas

Spring is the time of year when color returns to the world. Also, for most places it is the time when everything starts to warm up, making it comfortable to spend more time outdoors. The best place for FREE great lighting is outdoors! So grab your phone and start snapping!

Photo Ideas:

  • Bright Pastel Colors – This looks amazing against a spring style background such as grass or Easter eggs.
  • Plants and Flowers – Spring is known for things beginning to bloom. Visit a local park or botanical garden to get some great shots.

Spring Social Media Content Ideas

Now that you have some Spring inspiration sit down and start to plan out your content. Pull out your calendar, start filling in post ideas and block out time to take pictures for your social media.

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