13 Things You Should Never Do On Facebook

13 Things You Should Never Do On Facebook.

Now, more than ever, your followers are being choosier with the content that they want to view.

You can literally broadcast almost anything on Facebook 24 hours a day but just because you can do something doesn’t mean that you should.

Facebook users are unliking, unfollowing, blocking, and leaving groups at a much higher rate than in the past because as the capabilities of the platform have evolved, so have the ways users can disengage from your content.

That is why, while it’s important to know what to do to get more followers, it is also important to know what activities you should stay away from.

13 Things You Should Never Do On Facebook.

#1 Sending Random Messages. I get you are looking for a way to connect with people but sending random messages to people you barely know on Facebook is just creepy. It’s even worse if it is a form message or a message trying to get people to buy something. Build connections with people, don’t spam them.

#2 Forwards. This is probably the #1 way to get yourself blocked on Facebook messenger and maybe even Facebook as well. Notice I didn’t say unfollowed…. I said blocked. Most people HATE forwards. Never ever send them out.

#3 Overposting. If you post on Facebook all day about everything that comes your way, you’re likely overposting. Do not just randomly share things no one cares about. Have a reason or value for what you post. Your followers don’t want a stream of unrelated, random content clogging up their news feeds.

13 Things You Should  Never Do On Facebook (This Is Why You're Getting Unfollowed)

#4 Tagging People in Post & Photos They Aren’t In. This one should be self-explanatory, but unfortunately for many folks, it isn’t. I get it, you want people to see your post but tagging them in it isn’t the way to go. It comes off as silly or rude, even if that was not your intention. If someone wants you to tag them in a picture, they will ask you to tag them, but please don’t ever tag someone without asking.

#5 Over Chatting in A Group Chat. Group discussions on Facebook can be fun, productive and enlightening. If you’re in a group chat keep your comments and chat to only things the whole group will benefit from. Sending messages only 1 person will benefit from should be shared in a private chat.

#6 Spam or Excessive Ads. Is your whole feed buy this from me, here is a link to get this item, shop now, or any other spammy messages? If so, you need to change that immediately. It’s called social media for a reason. Be social not a long-running advertisement. Start and join in on conversations, respond to comments and complaints, and show your followers you actually care.

13 Things You Should  Never Do On Facebook (This Is Why You're Getting Unfollowed)

#7 Posting Your Business Link on Someone Else’s Post. Not much gets ruder than when someone comments “You can buy this from me, here is my website.” This makes you look super desperate and will probably get you blocked from the friend whose post you commented on.

#8 Controversial Content. Debating anything on Facebook rarely goes well. Even if you are handling it respectfully there is a chance one of your followers might not be and then you will have a mess on your hands.

#9 Be a Dick! The most important rule on Facebook — and any other social network, really — is simple: don’t be a dick. You don’t always have to be nice, but you can get your point across on Facebook without being mean, calling people disparaging names, or posting hurtful things.

#10 Venting. Very few if any of our finest moments happen when we are angry. When you explode online it is never a good look. Plus, why are you bringing everyone down, including yourself?

13 Things You Should  Never Do On Facebook (This Is Why You're Getting Unfollowed)

#11 Post on Other’s Walls. This is definitely up there when it comes to annoying things you can do on Facebook. It’s someone else’s wall, their space so don’t invade it. It is literally the same thing as going to someone’s home and hanging a picture on it — nail and all! If you have something you want a friend to see just send it to them in a message.

#12 Cryptic Statuses. We get it, you have drama in your life… we all do but the cryptic post isn’t the way to deal with it. Normally these posts are about how annoyed/upset/angry someone is, but they won’t reveal why. Save the drama for phone calls with your besties NOT Facebook.

#13 Using Facebook As A Doctor. Please don’t post pictures of your ailments. We don’t know what that sore that just will not go away is or why you’re still itching down there. Go to the doctor and get help. Do not post for the world to diagnose — we can’t write prescriptions. Also, take a hard pass on the hospital photos. Use that time to heal. Facebook will still be around when you recover.

13 Things You Should Never Do On Facebook

So how did you do?

Did any of these behaviors look familiar?

If so don’t worry. When you know better, you do better — so just start today and be a better you.

If you aren’t doing any of these things but know someone who does, give this a share to your Facebook and help your fellow Facebookers out.

Drop me a comment and let me know what you think is the most annoying thing people do on Facebook as well as let me know if I missed anything.

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