Why You Should Be Building A Brand Online

The #1 reason why most people fail when trying to build a business online is simple: They don’t understand the power of building a brand. In today’s day and age, having your own personal brand is crucial if you are looking to market your business online.

Your brand is what defines you. It tells people what you are all about and what they can expect to get from following you.

There are a few big mistakes people make when trying to build a brand online.

Why You Should Be Building A Brand Online

First, they try to build a brand around a product. This only works if you have a ton of money to put into ads and you own the company.  Building a brand around something people buy normally translates online to just being one big ad. People love to buy things, but they hate to be sold.

Second, they build a brand that is all over the place with no clear niche.  When you first start a building a brand online you need to be known for just one thing.  This allows you to connect with people who are super interested in what you are doing.  These people will be your most loyal followers because you are in a niche they are interested in.

Third they build a brand around something they hate just because it relates to their products. I know from personal experience how painful this is.  The truth is it does NOT matter what you build your brand around.  The point of a brand is to get people to find you, get them to like you, and get them to trust you.  Once you do that, people will buy from you.

Building A Brand Online

You should be building a brand around something you love and are passionate about. The main reason is when you do that, it doesn’t feel like work. You could do it all day even if you weren’t getting paid which, trust me, at first you will not be. LOL.

There are several steps that go into building a brand but the first it to find out what you love.  What do you know more about than most of the people you know?  What do people call you for advice on? These are your natural gifts. The things you do better than anyone is where the magic of your brand lies.

When you build a brand around your passions, you are not just selling to people but are providing them with the information they need to make their lives better. This is where the like and trust factor comes into play.

After you have followers that like and trust you, then you can get them to buy products from you. Now, if your brand is way off from what your products are, that is ok.  You just need to get creative on how to promote them. This is much easier than building a brand around something you are not passionate about.

Carla Lytle


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