Welcome! I'm Carla Lytle

My work-from-home journey started in 2007.

At the time I had graduated with my teaching degree and was beyond broke. My only goal was to earn about $400 a month so I didn’t have to look at the prices when I shopped at the grocery store. I was already working 40 hours a week and the thought of getting a 2nd job made me sick. It was at that time I decided to start my own home-based business. In only a few short weeks I was able to meet my income goals and began helping others earn too.

Fast forward a few years and my little home business had grown. Not only had I been able to make money from home but I had been able to help others do so as well. It was at that point when I finally thought I had my finances under control that I lost my job. Yep. They were downsizing at the daycare I was working at and I didn't have the years of experience my coworkers did. I still had my student loans from my degree but not the job to help pay for them. 

Thankfully I did have that income coming in from my home-based business. I immediately went into overdrive and built that business even bigger. One year from the day I was laid off I had replaced the income from my job and never went back to having a boss again.

After years of helping people earn money through commission sales I decided to expand the opportunities, I had to offer. I wanted to be able to offer people the opportunity to earn an hourly wage. After a lot of research, I found the perfect opportunity. I started my own call center. Now I can offer people the option to join my call center and take inbound customer service calls from home.

I love that now I am able to offer people 2 options to earn money from home all while working in their pj's. Plus I still get to help other small business owners by sharing my tips and favorite products via my blog.