The Beginning Of My Journey

Back in 2007 I decided to join network marketing. My standard for what I wanted was super low…as in I just wanted to make $40 every week so I didn’t have to look at the prices at the grocery store when I shopped. LOL

At the time  I was an early childhood education teacher which meant I had to use coupons to make ends meet. As you know teachers don’t make a ton of money. Plus I also had a huge student loan bill to pay every month because I went to school and financed it.  My hope was that when I graduated I would be making enough money to live a great life and pay all my bills.  This was not what happened and I was tired of just getting by.

The Big Push To Change

For the first 2 years of my business I was just playing with it and was not really working it. Then the economy tanked and because I had 2 years of experience in a field where people had 20 plus years of experience, I was downsized. Yep I had student loans and NO JOB…Just my little home based business to get me by.

I was a little nervous but at least I had something and I decided I was going to MAKE IT WORK! I gave it a year and with traditional, "feet-in-the-streets" methods for building a business I had replaced my teacher income!

I decided I was never going back to having a boss again. I LOVED MY FREEDOM!

Answering The Call To Help Others

After 10 years in the business I mastered traditional methods for building a business and decided to learn how to build my business by leveraging the power of online/social media to build faster. I wanted to be able to put my business on auto pilot so it would keep working even when I was on vacation! Now I teach and mentor others to run their business their way.

As of 2018 I have a team of over 1,800 team members and we do over a million dollars in sales every year. As it turns out, being downsized was the miracle I had been looking for all along.

Let me help you find your miracle today! 

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