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Get Paid To Shop And Share Beauty!

How does this work?

You simply use the products and tell your friends, family, followers, coworkers (everyone you know) what you like about them.  The same way you tell people about a movie you like or a good meal you have had. You earn between 25%-40% of the orders you receive from your recommendations.

 The best news is it’s FREE to get started.

Sell Award-Winning Products

Coveted Japanese and Korean Skin Care
Best-Selling Makeup
 Salon-Quality Hair Care
Home Essentials
Luxury Bath and Body Products
And Tons More

  Our world-class products earn serious love from the beauty press and social media. 

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  Free Digital Tools

Personalized Online Website For 24/7 Sales
Promotion Tool (Send Customers Exclusive Offers)
Monthly Sweeps
Digital Product Catalog
 Virtual Makeup Try-On Tool
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  Benefits And Extras

 A Free Gift ($37 value) With Your First Order
Yearly Incentives (Trips, Products, and More) 
Exclusive Discounts Via Our Partners Mall and Perks Programs
24/7 Telemedicine, affordable health insurance, and health care discounts

 Still, have questions? Check out the Q & A below.

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  Frequently Asked Questions

What do I get when I sign up?

Sign-up for $0 and you get your own online store and digital tools. Free sign-up does not include products, brochures, or samples.

For a low fee, you can sign-up with our starter collection. This collection comes with full and sample sizes products and brochures (catalogs) to share. The starter kit takes 7-10 days to arrive.

What support do I get?

Training is provided FREE of charge online (24/7 via our website and social media accounts), and by phone (conference calls or 1 on 1) so you can access information whenever you want to in your chosen method.

How do my customers get their orders?

You collect all your customers orders and payments. You then compile them into one order and submit it online for processing every 2 weeks.  One week later your items arrive at your door and you deliver them to your customers.

Don't want to make deliveries or collect money?  No problem you get a FREE website where your customers can order and pay by debit or credit card with shipping to their home in just 7 days.

What do you earn?

Earn 25% - 40% of everything you sell in person and online!

How do I get paid?

Getting paid is simple. You’ll get most of your earnings — from your online store orders, bonuses, incentive pay-outs, etc. — paid quickly and easily through direct deposit.

For orders you deliver, your commissions are based on the difference between the discounted amount you pay and the full price your customer pays you. For example, you sell a lipstick to a customer for $10.00. If your commission level is 40%, you pay Avon $6.00, plus tax, and the rest is your profit.

Still, have questions? Contact Us and we will get back to you in 24 hours!